Our Culture

Our Values

The inception of Rusty in 1985, saw a collaboration of like-minded people come together in pursuit of an ideology that meant something more… creation, pride, resilience. A blend of surfers, shapers, skaters, musicians, and artists all vying for a shot to set the pace for the future.

Our Sustainability

What started as an internal mission to trace our supply chain and begin implementing sustainable fibres and recycled fabrics into our collections, has become a business wide pursuit to operate with people and the planet at the forefront of our minds. We are finding much more purpose in measuring our impact and in doing so, challenging ourselves to continually better the way we do things. 

Our Community

Our Kind believe in bigger things then ourselves. We can’t fight every battle or support every cause but when things come round that we can’t say no to we’re in it 100%. We donate when we can and when we can't we find other ways, from product donations to people power. #bekind #ourkind

Planet Friendly

Here at Rusty we are trying to do our part to leave a smaller environmental footprint on our world and in doing so we are developing our ranges to be more planet friendly. Wherever possible we are incorporating sustainable fibres, whilst also ensuring we stay true to our premium quality.