Our Culture - Values

The inception of Rusty in 1985, saw a collaboration of like-minded people come together in pursuit of an ideology that meant something more… creation, pride, resilience. A blend of surfers, shapers, skaters, musicians, and artists all vying for a shot to set the pace for the future.

Today, Rusty continues to thrive on the pursuit of life beyond societal norms. The dreamers of the past have paved the way for a new generation, by embracing the new and seeking emerging technologies and trends. We will continue to lead the youth and uphold the foundation values of the brand.

Our Kind are here to stay, and we’ll continue to express ourselves as we see fit. Charging headfirst, free of constraint and inspiring those who dare to follow.

Looking inwards we follow six unique values to guide us in all aspects of the business

1. Commitment

At Rusty we're all in. It's the way we think, about everything. We believe that if you're going to do something, you have to have the courage to give all of yourself to it.

2. Adventure

Be adventuress. We champion adventurousness in our customers as we do in each other. Take risks, make decisions, act.

3. Freedom

We know that being all in requires the creative freedom, the support and the environment to do our best work. We're all in this together and we all have the courage to own our outcomes.

4. Like it is

We value feedback, we expect it. We're upbeat and positive, we look for the good and we keep it real, but we tell it like it is.

5. Push

We get around each other, work hard, play hard and push ourselves to give our best.

6. Don't be a dick

You know what we mean. It's that simple.