our kind

Our Kind believe in bigger things then ourselves. We can’t fight every battle or support every cause but when things come round that we can’t say no to we’re in it 100%. We donate when we can and when we can't we find other ways, from product donations to people power. #bekind #ourkind



We’ve been supporting Coastcare since the beginning of 2018, collaborating to develop 5 seasonal ranges. Through sales of various products from tees to hats we’ve contributed $37,443 with more on its way! These half yearly donations go towards helping the thousands of Coastcare volunteers across the country who are working to keep our precious coastal and marine environment healthy. With more than 30,000 km of coastline to protect, they have a big job!

Learn more about the impact Coastcare is having in your area by checking out their website here.

Kupu Kupu

Being a Perth based brand we have an unshaken affinity with Bali and its people. Starting some 15+ years ago, we discovered a Bali foundation called Kupu Kupu. The foundation provides work opportunities for people with disabilities, furthermore they assist in transporting disability children to and from school and providing wheelchairs and other physical aids and adapt facilities for those in need.  

How do we help? – chocolate of course! Here at Rusty HQ office we have a sweets and savoury bowl from which all profits go to the Kupu Kupu Foundation. Each year just before Christmas we send the profits. Over the last 15 years it’s difficult to know the true number of how much staff have contributed, however, we approximate it’s about $500 a year and at 50c a piece that’s a lot of chocolate consumed!

Foundation Buen Punto, Colombia - Give The Gift of Stoke

Each year we collect all things surfing, from surfboards to leashes, fins and wax and send them to a small surfing village located in the Chocó region of Colombia. The aim is not only to teach local kids how to surf but in order to participate the kids have to demonstrate good behavior, with compulsory school attendance, strictly no drugs or alcohol and show respect for the environment. In return they are rewarded by learning to surf and by improving their skills the foundation can steer kids away from the dominant influences in the area which is armed gangs and drug trafficking. Instead the kids can offer surf lessons to tourists and create a sustainable income and in some cases the opportunity to travel and attend surf comps & coaching seminars around the country and internationally.


For the past 7 years we have adopted 2 orangutans, Ruthie who has since been rehabilitated and released back onto a semi- wild island - the last step before fully releasing. The second Cinta is now also a candidate to head to the pre-release island shortly. This has been made possible by the funding from WA staff who throughout the year hold fundraisers and donate money which the company then matches.

Local Community Groups

Throughout the year we are approached by small local groups for donations and we always help where we can. In November 2019 we donated around 25 backpacks to a drive being run by my kids’ school (Fremantle Christian College) to benefit Operation Sunshine WA. The backpacks were filled with essential items (toiletries, clothing), books and toys. These packs are then given to child protection offices, out-of-home care organisations and crisis accommodation organisations across WA, who pass them on to children and youth 0-17 yo who are entering foster care.

From gift certificates all the way to surfboards, below are some of the groups we have helped throughout the years:

Rehab Me Ball, Saba Foundation, Livin and Groundswell Youth Festival.