Our Culture - Sustainability

What started as an internal mission to trace our supply chain and begin implementing sustainable fibres and recycled fabrics into our collections, has become a business wide pursuit to operate with people and the planet at the forefront of our minds. We are finding much more purpose in measuring our impact and in doing so, challenging ourselves to continually better the way we do things.

So, what are we actually doing?


Our designers have been working closely with the swim factory to produce Stella, which is a Recycled Polyester collection. We are using pre-consumption polyester which means the offcuts from garments that would usually enter landfill is gathered from factory floors and melted back down to be re-spun it into a new polyester fibre. Taking less resources then its virgin brother means the whole production cycle helps keep plastic from our landfills and of course our beautiful oceans.

You can find our Stella collection in seasonal updated shapes and colours online here.


We are a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) and together with our factories we have overhauled our entire trims and packaging program.

All the little pieces you may not think of from swing tags to thong hangers and retail store bags have been redesigned, with further improvements to trims and the unnecessary use of plastics being evolved and developed continuously. We are working hard to limit the amount of plastic we are bringing into our country and hope that by 2025, we sit well aligned with the APCO targets for our country.

We have already made some significant changes, for example all retail bags across the country and many of our accessory hangers have already changed over to recyclable paper. 

From January 2021 you will notice the big changes:

- ARLs will guide you on how to appropriately dispose of our swing tags and packaging.
- We will be using recycled and FSC approved materials to print on.
- We have sourced recycled plastic attachers for accessories.
- You will see less sewn in tags on certain garments.

While we are very proud of the changes we have made and what is coming, there is always plenty more to do. We are yet to find a viable solution to our factory garment bags and our online shipping bags which are currently soft plastic. Whilst these plastics are recyclable by returning to your nearest supermarket, we feel strongly about improving the use of plastic and we will continue to investigate more planet friendly options.