Letty Mortensen - Disclosed

Letty Mortensen's new clip Disclosed - watch it here!

Rusty welcomes Lucas Silveira

Rusty is stoked to welcome Lucas Silveira to the team...

Dune Rats shot in Mexico by Adam Borrello

Australian hip hop artist Drapht recently took Brisbane stoner pop lords Dune Rats to Mexico to film their latest single aptly named "Mexico". Rusty photographer Adam Borrello filmed and edited the clip and shot some behind the scenes images featuring some Rusty product from our Spring and Summer ranges.

Click here to watch the clip

Josh Kerr El Nino swell chasing

Josh Kerr his surfing: Invents aerials, charges cold water avalanches (wins Todos!), oops over boat wakes, and continues to evolve himself in surprising ways: “Sometimes I’m more reserved when it comes to getting above the lip, but only because at this point in my life I’m just as excited to do turns. It’s more of a fun challenge for me after all the days of getting high scores for doing airs.”

And so, here’s Josh doing what he does best (lighting up) around California in recent months.

Noa Deane - Revolving Door

Noa Deane testing the limits of his Revolving Door Surfboard. Noa customised his & added some carbon to help with all those heavy touch downs.


There should be no itinerary. There should be no maps. No plans. No set outline of how your journey will go. A true roadtrip is one that unfolds organically in whatever direction  you desire at the time. And that’s exactly how Josh Kerr and Damien Hobgood led their recent adventure up the west coast.

Scorpion Roulette

If risk equals reward, then team Rusty had a surplus of benefits coming their way on their recent trip down the warm and welcoming land of Nicaragua with SURFING mag. A little ‘ol game called scorpion roulette became the recklessly self-inflicted pastime, and so the team’s trip motto was born – don’t get stung.

Introducing @rusty_womens

Our new global Rusty women's Instagram account.

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