IN THE DM's with Sophie Fletcher

Introducing IN THE DM's, a series in which we slide into the DM's of some of our mates and quizz them on recent trips, surfboards and whats next. This month features our Golden girl from Vico Sophie Fletcher. Enjoy!

Rusty Surfboards - The Blade

In 2014 Rusty Preisendorfer hooked up with Mark “Occy” Occhilupo and did a 100 board reissue of his famous signature “84” model. A year ago Rusty started getting asked to lean out the nose and lose the beak. In addition, he modernized the bottom slightly. The surfers who tried them freaked. Since then Rusty has made them with 4 deep channels. He also decided to give a very modern bottom with a deep single to double concave a shot. Bottom line is that virtually anyone that has tried any of the different bottoms has been psyched and some have also ordered them longer as well.

Lucas Silveira - Couple Days, Couple Islands

Lucas Silveira doesn't chill out on down time between contests. Never not working. Never not out there grinding.

RUST Starring Harry Bryant

Rust captures team-rider Harry Bryant's first experience rifling the Fijian reef pass, Cloudbreak.

Rusty // StreetX Perth Launch Party Video

Photos, video and antics from the Perth launch party of the StreeetX and Rusty colab. 

Rusty X StreetX Perth Party

To celebrate the release of the Rusty x StreetX colab we threw a party and it was lit...


The accumulation of over a years work, the Rusty // StreetX colab is online now. Click through to watch the vibe clip.

Rusty X StreetX Colab

The accumulation of over a years work, the Rusty // StreetX colab is online now. Click through to view the lookbook.

Lucas Silveria 7 mile Stretch

Rio De Janeiro born Lucas Silveira is one of the newest members of the Rusty fam, a Brazilian storm with no signs of dulling. Over the winter, Lucas’ low pressure system drifted over the most well-known seven mile stretch of sand in surfing, chronicling his endeavours in pixelated form. Impressive about Lucas is that he is well balanced and comfortable with laying hacks, finding coverage, taking flight and exuding style — even at just 20-years young!