Rusty team rider Ned Hart

NicknameOver head Ned, Neddos or Neddy.


BornOxford, England.

Current digsYallingup, Western Australia.

Height5'0 (152cms).


Local go-to surf spot?Rabbits but love Mufflers if it's working.

Favourite wave?Desert point but also Pipeline now but that's hell hectic haha.

Favourite wave I haven't been to yet?Teahupoo in Tahiti.

Post surf go-to meal?Acai bowl or surf meal bars.

Slabs or point breaks?Slabs!

Hacks or punts?Punts.

Lefts or Rights?Lefts, especially barrels on my backhand.

Cats or dogs?Dogs 100%.

Inspirations?Jack Robbo, Taj, Mason Ho & John John Florence.

Surprise, Surprise?I have dual nationality with Aussie and UK. I can fold my tongue in 5 rolls! Haha, that's supposed to be rare!

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