Rusty team rider Letty


DOB 05/10/1996. 

BornSydney, New South Wales. 

Current digsAvalon Beach, Sydney.

Height5'11 (181cms).


Local go-to surf spot?Whale Beach.

Favourite wave?La Grav.

Favourite wave I haven't been to yet?Namibia.

Post surf go-to meal?Jaffle from Hungry Coast.

Slabs or point breaks?Slabs.

Hacks or punts?Punts.

Cats or dogs?Dogs!

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of?6'2 Traveller, 6'0 Yes Thanks, 5'11 SD, 5'9 Blade and 5'6 419 Fish.

Out of those, what are you riding the most and why?The Blade, goes good in every condition.

Inspirations?Laura Dewitt.

Surprise, Surprise?Got tear gassed in a club in France.

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