Rusty team rider Brad Flora



BornBaltimore, Maryland, USA.

Current digsOean City, Maryland, USA.

Height5'9 (175cms) on my tallest most strapping day.

WeightFluctuationi meatball / slim shady.

Local go-to surf spot?46th Street.

Favourite wave?Bluff.

Favourite wave I haven't been to yet?Hts.

Post surf go-to meal?Rice, beans and street meat..

Slabs or point breaks?Slabs.

Hacks or punts?Punts.

Lefts or Rights?Straight!

Cats or dogs?Woof.

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of?I think they're in the oven!! But as of now, f*ck,0 ... frothing to get a few but for now it's @thrash.craft under my feet made from start to finish by yours truly. Also @sbmb.

Inspirations? Lucas Rogers, Zach Rinehart, Dana Quinn, Jamey Stone, Lee Wilson, Rolstie, Carlo Coral, Mitchard, Blake Michel, Snacks, Flight, Juampi, Bolivar, Jason Bennett, Mcguangus and a lot of other people inspire everyone around them. When you see someone destroying life on their own terms, no matter how hard they are grinding, when they stay true to themselves it's always a big ups. Legends..

Surprise, Surprise?I started @letthekidssurf to give surfboards and teach environmental awareness to underprivileged youth in 3rd world countries with pumping surf at thier disposal. Check it out here!  

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