Saxon | Graphic Designer
Custom Smoothie - 7’0 x 22 x 3 (50.7L) | Status: Virgin
Aido (Rusty Surfboards Shaper) was up to the challenge and designed a custom board for a noobie like myself. Being a fairly big boy at 6ft 3” he decided that a custom made 7 foot Smoothie would achieve big volume for max buoyancy which is essential for a decent beginner board. It's an all rounder, ripsnorter that’s easy to paddle and has a high surface area for ez enjoyment. You'll soon see me on kookslams.
Elle | Ladies Brand Manager 
Mi Amigo - 5'11 x 18.75 x 2.36 (28L) | Status: Menacer
Ooooo my good friend – although she is classified as a ‘high performance’ board, I find she can handle just about any conditions (as long as it’s not super windy).
I’ve surfed my Amigo in mushy 1ft Scarbs to clean 4-6ft Mentawais. The best surf I’ve had on her was out at Boranup – 4ft glassy perfection and did it perform! It really has drive and speed when you need it and is loose enough in the tail for my liking. I could maybe have gone a little more volume overall as I am not the young grom I used to be, but overall it is an epic board and I would definitely order it again.
Dan | Sales & Brand Manager
Model 8 (with a couple of tweaks) - 5'9 x 19 x 2.31 (28.3L) | Status: Godlike
I’ve been lucky enough to work pretty closely with the surfboard team over the last couple of years to get some boards that work really well for me. What’s the point of offering customs if you can’t make a little out of the ordinary?

For this one I wanted a bit of an all-rounder – something that will handle beachies around 1-3Ft which is kinda 80% of what I end up surfing.

I liked the feeling of the Model 8 in better waves so we took that rocker curve and added a bit of additional width and thickness. To keep it from going too wide in the tail we added a hip after the front fins. The end result is something that paddles easily, generates speed quickly yet still feels high performance-ish.
Recently I’ve also been riding a 5’6” 419 Fish just to try something different and I think it’s also something I’d like to try in some better waves around the 4-6 Ft mark.

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