Hailing from Bondi Beach means you've got to stand out to be counted. Young Sydneysider Pama Davies has done just that over the years, whether that's getting tricky in the small stuff around home or heading for the reefs of the South Coast to get stuck into some juice when winter swells show up.

Pama (pronounced Palmer, for those playing along at home) grew up on the single fins and twinnies that filled his dad's garage, a buttery smooth style testament to a craft learned the right way. Although he hails from northern end of his beach, a ban on fibreglass saw Pama a slave to the South Bondi rip bowl in his youth, but with his hometown turning into more of a circus by the minute these days you're more likely to find him roaming the planet in search of waves, and that's just how he likes it.

"I want to go everywhere!" he says. "That's the dream right? Surf, travel, have fun, what more is there?" With a Rusty sticker now perched on the nose of his board, Pama has the stability he needs to attack life on the road, release as many video edits as possible, and take his surfing to the next level.

Pama is the epitome of the salt-encrusted frother, and rare are the days where the natural footed ninja doesn't dive into the brine. Tight with a young crew of east coast Aussies who are pushing their performances in video parts not jerseys, Pama is the epitome of modern surfing, futuristic in the water yet respectful of where he's come from. When he's not surfing you'll find the 21-year-old cruising at his local skate park or kicking back with a sunset tin, surrounded by mates. As for the Rusty team's reputation for raising hell? "I'm totally fine with that," he grins wickedly.

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