Don't judge Brazilian man-child Lucas Silveira by his 2015 world junior title. Yes he's a weapon in the singlet but his prowess extends beyond the limits of three-to-the-beach surfing. You probably don't want to read too much into Lucas' hefty physique either, for although he's capable of massive turns, he can fling his fins when needed, and is adept at dodging, dipping, diving, ducking, and dodging some more when the curtain falls.

Truth be told Lucas grew up struggling in small waves, and couldn't string a heat together to save himself. Legendary and much-missed Brazilian hellman Ricardo dos Santos took Lucas under his wing and he shone in heavy waves from a young age, recording month-plus stints in Hawaii every winter for a decade. Finally, sick of being teased for his lack of aerial prowess, Lucas decided to add some flair to his repertoire and the results have been incredible.

If you must judge Lucas, maybe you should do so on his bulldozing runs through a string of massive Nias barrels last year, or his recent Hawaiian highlight reel, showcasing everything from punts to Pe'ahi and all points in between, that lead to Surfing Magazine boldly proclaiming that "Lucas Silveira has no weakness".

Best of all, the 21-year-old powerhouse from Florianopolis is just a damn good bloke to have a beer and a game of pool with. If you can get a word in, as Lucas' perfect English and rugged good looks see ladies climbing over each other his attention.

Bonus fact? The kid absolutely rips on a snowboard. Some guys have all the luck. 

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