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The Sri Lanka Road Trip

#OURKIND Paulina Rose on a recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Video by Renny Wijeyamohan from OPEN DOOR FILMS.


Josh Kerr getting in a few sessions to himself in the mentawaii islands!

Floripa Session

Lucas Silver (Rio, Brazil) free surfing during last months Hang Loose Pro at Florianópolis. Lucas always dispalys an array of power surfing, tube riding and punts and that’s why he is one of the most promising surfer in the world and soon to be on the WCT.

Landon Mcnamara


The Debut Album by Landon McNamara will be released on December 2nd!


Sebastian Hartog is a Gold Coast resident with Dutch origins that follow his bloodline to infamous 17th century explorer Dirk Hartog. This film is from Sebby's adventure with friends to trace his family heritage and explore one of Australia's most amazing Island destinations - Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia.

Stab in the Dark

"I think I might have overthought it," recounts the shaper behind board #46, Rusty Preisendorfer. After receiving our brief, he thought the mystery rider might have been Jordy Smith, the height and location throwing him off. "Though, it does seem a little light for Jordy," he said second guessing his initial thought.........



Mimi Elashiry featuring our Zephyr Dress available now for Fall. 

Before Crowds

Our latest BC collection has just landed online and in stores featuring Noa Deane and Mimi Elashiry. Get it before it's gone...

Dune Rats

Australian hip hop artist DRAPHT recently took Brisbane stoner pop lords DUNE RATS to Mexico to film their latest single aptly named "Mexico". Rusty photographer ADAM BORRELLO filmed and edited the clip and shot some behind the scenes images featuring some Rusty product from our Spring and Summer ranges.



Noa Deane presents HOOT... Click here to Watch Now.

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