Stab in the Dark

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"I think I might have overthought it," recounts the shaper behind board #46, Rusty Preisendorfer. After receiving our brief, he thought the mystery rider might have been Jordy Smith, the height and location throwing him off. "Though, it does seem a little light for Jordy," he said second guessing his initial thought.

Mr Preisendorfer ended up shaping a "puffed out" version of the shape he has Josh Kerr riding. “Based on the weight of the surfer, I modified a board off the ‘Yes Thanks’ design. I shaped it 6’0” x 19.25” x 2.5”. I moved the thickness flow a little more forward of centre. The bottom has a single concave that zeros out under the rear fin, and there is a slight vee off the tail. The rail line off the back half of the board is a fairly smooth curve and accelerates off the tail.”

“It felt quite a bit different from the other boards I’ve been riding," remarked Dane. "It’s got a low rocker, hard edges and a pinched deck. I wasn’t too excited to try it because of the giant snakeskin band along the rail and this formless tail. It just doesn’t look that cool. But I was surprised. It had a lot of speed and drive. It felt like a good board. I got a couple of barrels on it but I couldn’t really do a turn.”

As it turns out Rusty wasn't the only one experiencing a little identity confusion. Dane actually thought the board was a Creed McTaggart model cut by the hand of Hayden Cox. Suffice to say the board could move through a tunnel – just watch that first ride. 

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