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Ever surfed in South Orange County? Ever been devoured hungry groms with neon wetsuit sleeves attacking the gutless break of T-Street on a sunny Saturday? Or fought Dana Hills' surf team at Salt Creek as they litter your dawn patrol and surf better than you? The talent bred from the region is outstanding. San Clemente, where Kevin's from has a strip along El Camino Real (south of the Trestles parking lot) called Surfer's's basically a Hollywood Walk of Fame in banners featuring San Clemente's’ famed board riders. Cue Dino and Kolohe Andino, Matt Archbold, Josh Baxter, Shane and Gavin Beschen, Corky Carroll, Richard Chew, Mary Lou Drummy, Phil Edwards, Herbie, Christian and Nate Fletcher, Dane, Pat and Tanner Gudang, Greg and Rusty Long, The Paskowitz fam, Mike Parsons, Midget Smith, Dale Velzy and more. 

What we're saying is, it takes a lot to be scraped from the San Clemente cauldron and thrown onto the here today forgotten tomorrow scene of surf media–which is sad, but true. So here's Kevin Schulz at home, in Hawaii and Canada. You'll see this name again. 

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