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Metal Aloha is a juxtaposition of two elements placed together to create a contrasting effect.

Our surf culture’s existence is the essence of juxtapositions, with a party all night and surf all day attitude.  To surf the gnarliest death defying waves you can, with a smile.  Surfers want to be rock stars & rock stars want to bte surfers.  It’s these opposites that attract and make surfing so unique.

The Metal Aloha collection encompasses heavy metal music with the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit; combine the two and you have a fresh direction that is yet to be seen in the marketplace.

Metal Aloha has now been launched globally and no matter what language you speak, the word ‘Rad’ is getting thrown around a lot. Think Jack Johnson on the beach, water lapping at his feet singing Sepultura’s Arise.  Think hula girls dancing to Metallica’s Kill Em All album or Pantera singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with a that’s Metal Aloha

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