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The history of Rusty board shorts runs deeper than you think. Rusty is a company that is entrenched in the surf DNA, we are one of the most recognized & prestigious surfboard manufacturer’s in the world. The man, the legend, but no myth Rusty Priesendorfer is a surfer & has dedicated his life to shaping boards. Shaping boards was always an excuse for more time in the water or what Rusty calls R & D, never one to let work get in the way of pumping waves.

Rusty has been making boards with the infamous R Dot logo on since 1985 and as Rusty soon discovered on his R & D trips he needed to have a comfortable & durable pair of board shorts as he was getting 3rd degree burns in places that medical practitioners had never seen before. Out of sheer necessity and an abundant of nappy rash cream the board short business quickly followed that of surfboards. In Rusty’s eyes you need 3 things to go surfing; waves, surfboards and unless you like to surf  ‘au natural’ then you need a pair of board shorts. 

Rusty has been in the board short game for some time now, we make boardies for surfers not pool ponies. Our board shorts are as technical as the next, how many times can you come up for a word to describe 4 way stretch, water repellent or quick dry materials?

We will let the others try and out tech each other, but we will let you in on a little secret…. Just keep on the down low…. We have some of the most technically advanced board shorts on the market, but we don’t blow smoke and we aren’t going to enter into the tech war. These days it goes without saying that your boardies need to be high performance, our point of difference is our focus on fits and graphic aesthetics while providing a technical board short that meets and exceeds our competition.

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