Dylan Goodale Edit & Interview w/ Stab Magazine

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We haven’t seen much of Mr Goodale as of recent. He’s spent the last few months bumbling around Los Angeles, which can be draining to even the most virile of men. “I feel like I got lost in the Hollywood vortex!” he tells me. “That place is sketchy, there’s too much shit going on.” And he’s right. LA has the ability to suck the life out you, your bank account and dignity. You find yourself sporting a dimwit smile as you scrape your way out of a dark place in the sunshine state while trying to keep it marginally together. After too much time in the grid-locked black hole, you got to get out of town for a bit. “After being in California all summer I’ve been having a good time back home in Kauai,” Dylan continues. “When you’re gone for a long time you really appreciate home. I feel like if you don’t travel you don’t know how good you got it until you come back.”

We start to chat on the edit above, “It’s just some leftover clips from TUFF in New Zealand, a little California, Hawaii and Bocas,” Mr Goodale tells me. “But it is what it is, let’s just talk about random shit.” Fair enough, we get onto the topic of LA gals; which is a fucked up situation in the best // worst way possible. “There’s everything you could ask for,” he says. “You can find some dark haired, blue eyed european with the craziest rig who’s absolutely evil! Or you can find the nicest girl ever, like a little blonde hair, green eyed thing… they’re all too tall for me though, so I’m just their friend. I have to go for the petite ones. I make friends with the tall ones and find their little friends,” he laughs. “It’s so nice being home and not partying. Waking up feeling good and not worrying about what’s going on at night. It’s crazy there’s always a party in LA, you start thinking when does it stop? In Kauai you’re like when is something going to happen?”

I’m trying to pry some good stories from nightlife in LA, Dylan just laughs “when the most fun stuff happens… you can’t talk about it anymore. I did see a bum get shot in Venice though,” he tells me. “We were at this bar under the Venice sign. I was waiting outside for these two girls to finish their drinks. Across the street there was an altercation with a couple cops and a bum. I guess they were trying to calm him down because he was harassing people or something. The bum came at the cop and one jumped back while the other cop pulled his gun out and I heard the two loudest things I’ve ever heard; Pop! Pop! So I grabbed the two girls, one of them started crying. It was chaos all around us and the guy was just dead. There’s so many weird vagrants that hang out over there, and they all started to come over to see what happened. So we got out of there. I was afraid the cops were going to start shooting. I’ve never see anything like that. We just watched it unfold from across the street. On the news later the report said he was shot dead in the street. That was pretty wild!” This all went down outside our local bar. Just one block from Stab‘s US office. “Venice is a weird place.”

“The next month or so I’m just bouncing back and forth between the islands,” says Dylan on what’s in store for winter in Hawaii. “I’m doing the Triple Crown, but I’m not like the ‘guy’ out at Pipe so I don’t get many waves this time of year. It’s fun to watch other people get good ones though. Then I just sneak a few at backdoor.”

“I just want to get this edit out and show people that I still surf,” he concludes. “So give it a watch. If you like the music and you like the surfing then cool. If not, leave some hateful comments. Either way, you watched it and I win.” ~ Via Stab Magazine


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