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One Morning in Newport with Kevin & Dylan

Kevin Schulz & Dylan Goodale on an early fall morning in Newport

Photos: Taylor Casey


The Rusty Holiday 15 collection has arrived and is hitting stores NOW.  Here's a little sneak peak of some of the styles in our new line.  They should be hitting the shelves of your favorite surf shops any day now!


In his signature style of communication, Noa Deane describes his first impressions of Brazil after leaving the airport as thus: “You know how when you get off the plane in a new place, you look at how much stuff there is around? In Brazil I started looking at stuff, and I was like, fuck, there’s a fair bit of stuff here.” Laughter follows and if you’re unfamiliar with Noa’s bizarre (and excellent) wit, here’s a translation: Rio, to junior Deane, was an overwhelming assault to the senses on first impression.

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Rusty Denim & Pants Fit Guide

Rusty believes in surfboards that feel alive and clothes that reflect our kind of lifestyle.  With pants and denim as the cornerstone of our brand Rusty merges classic looks with a modern design aesthetic to create modern classics that can be worn by anyone anywhere.

Find your perfect fit with our Denim & Pants Fit Guide...

Kerrzy & Noa Wakesurfing

What isn’t to love about Josh Kerr? Not only is he a webcast drawcard (at any location), but he also wake surfs like a boss. So good is Mr Kerr at surfing a boat wake, that he’s sponsored by a wake boat company (Tige Boats).

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Camp Kerr presented by Josh Kerr

September 27th, 2015 - D St. Encinitas

Open for Boys and Girls 16 and under.  To register: campkerrsurf@gmail.com

Awesome day ~ Awesome Prizes, and custom Rusty surfboards for each of the winners

T U F F Online Premiere

Noa Deane’s Cluster B-sides, some scoring in New Zealand and West Oz with Noa, Dylan and Kerrzy, and a bunch of strange and interesting tunes dancing around some seriously tweaked clips. T U F F ~ presented by Rusty and What Youth

Rusty Denim & Pants

New for Fall 15, the Rusty Denim & Pants Collection is back.  We have plenty of new styles and colors in all our denim, chinos, and joggers...

Fall 15 Collection

The Rusty Fall 15 Collection, including our Metal Aloha capsule has arrived and is in stores NOW.  View the whole line here on our site and pick out some of your favorite styles.  The Fall 15 collection is available now in finer surf shops across the US.


Metal Aloha is a juxtaposition of two elements placed together to create a contrasting effect.

Our surf culture’s existence is the essence of juxtapositions, with a party all night and surf all day attitude.  To surf the gnarliest death defying waves you can, with a smile.  Surfers want to be rock stars & rock stars want to bte surfers.  It’s these opposites that attract and make surfing so unique...

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