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A recent hard drive raid has gifted us a glimpse into the world of Noa Deane, Gold Coaster, fabulous straight air junkie.......

Noa Deane x Swell Exclusive Collection

Noa Deane is a surfing vagrant. He collects three things; Passport stamps, amazing waves, and more curiously, vintage Rusty clothing. A true child of the 90's, Noa loves the sartorial creations of his early years. In a joint collaboration with Swell and Rusty, Noa has worked to create a limited-release capsule inspired by the finest vintage pieces from his collection. Highly evolved surfwear with a vintage soul lives here.  Available now exclusively at Swell.com

Josh Kerr - Enough Said

Kerrzy has been working with Rusty to develop a new board for the start of the WCT tour. The Enough Said has a moderate tail rocker with a more generous nose rocker designed to work from small to medium good quality waves. It features a straight planshape for increased acceleration and drive. The bottom has a medium single concave throughout the board. This board is fast and loose and a good performer in everyday conditions.

Boardshort Fits & Fabrics

The history of Rusty board shorts runs deeper than you think. Rusty is a company that is entrenched in the surf DNA, we are one of the most recognized & prestigious surfboard manufacturer’s in the world. The man, the legend, but no myth Rusty Priesendorfer is a surfer & has dedicated his life to shaping boards. Shaping boards was always an excuse for more time in the water or what Rusty calls R & D, never one to let work get in the way of pumping waves...

Spring 16 Collection

The Rusty Spring 16 Collection has just arrived and will be hitting stores very soon. Shot on location in Bali featuring Noa Deane, Mimi Elashiry, and Lydia Kirwood. The spring collection will be hitting shelves in your favorite surf shops any day now.

Josh Kerr Wins Todos Santos Big Wave Challenge

The final came down to the Long brothers, Rusty and Greg, Carlos Brule, Damien Hobgood, and Nic Lamb.

As the underdog from the start, Kerr was definitely looking to be having the most fun in the line-up, going for every wave and sitting low enough to hold solid control of his board amongst the turbulence. He had a smile on his face after every wave despite the force thrust upon him from each ride....

Noa Deane: Piece of Cake

If the thrash of Noa Deane is your thing, then this one’s for you. Acquaint yourself with this seven minute montage of all of Noa’s best work as of late. The tweak, the flair, the middle fingers and cigarettes – it’s all jammed in there.

Vestal Village

C O A C H E L L A ~ is right around the corner.  Vestal Village is returning this year with an all new venue, which is bigger, better, and closer to the polo fields.

Dylan Goodale Edit & Interview w/ Stab Magazine

We haven’t seen much of Mr Goodale as of recent. He’s spent the last few months bumbling around Los Angeles, which can be draining to even the most virile of men. “I feel like I got lost in the Hollywood vortex!” he tells me. “That place is sketchy, there’s too much shit going on.” And he’s right...  Click through to read the full story

Gordo Charging Desert Point

Brazilian Felipe Cesarano aka ‘Gordo’ testing every fluttering inch of his nerve at giant and blue Desert Point. There’s not much space for error when Deserts hits this size, and Gordo handles the day with apparent ease...

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