Was originally developed for stab magazines “a place in the sun” competition where they asked brands to create a unique pair of boardshorts.


Ummm can I get one of those? Ahhh how about a Yes Thanks? What? I’m confused…Ok a little off the subject but let me break this board down for you, the Yes thanks is a wider, fuller performance shortboard designed for knee to solid overhead surf. 


The sun is setting later and there is something in the air that instantly makes you happier…summer is coming, which means beach days, tan lines, BBQ, summer lovin and all that other stuff that we wished would stick around forever. Best part about summer is the beach and soaking up some sunshine. 


A favourite of Josh Kerr’s, the Nitrous Boardshort delivers on multiple levels. Featuring a thicker, non-slip internal waistband application and internal lap seams, these boardies won’t be rolling or dropping any time soon. 

The Summer Staple : Rusty Bubble Underwire Set

You can never have enough bikinis…ever. There is something about all the colours and prints, its like candy, you just can’t help but want more. The bubble underwire set is one of those styles that will never go out of trend, we like to call them our staple swim piece.


For two most long and weary weeks the languid enchantress Noa Deane and the perennial photo boy Jay Davies, toured the Islamic kingdom of Morocco

Josh Kerr Past To Present Queensland Premiere

Premieres of Josh Kerrs bio film "Past To Present" are happening around the globe at the moment with a world wide release coming December.

Josh Kerr Past To Present Victorian Premiere

Rusty in collaboration with Trigger Brothers took it back to the good old days of surf with the Victorian premiere of Josh Kerr's feature film "Past to Present". The local shredders of the Mornington Peninsula appreciated Kerrzy's style and Rusty's generosity, making sure the bar staff at the Sorrento Hotel were suitably busy.

Kerrzy: Josh Kerr Past To Present

Josh Kerr’s story is unique, from an air show guy to surfing on tour. This movie gives you an insight to what life was like for Josh growing up, falling off the tour, falling in love and a few other interesting tales including getting hit by a car in Hawaii.

Watch the full-length film by Matt Kleiner now or download here