Tristan Thompson

Nicknames: Turd.
Birthdate: 6/14/96
Hometown: Jacksonville Beach,FL
Sponsors: Rusty,Sunrise Surf Shop,and Arnette.
Heroes: My Brothers Cody and Evan.
Years Surfing: 8
Favorite Surf Spots: Lowers,Creek,and Outer Banks.
Lefts or Rights? Both
Height: 5:10
Weight: 165
Stance: Regular
Favorite Vehicle: 2012 Audi A6 Avant Wagon.
Grinds: Sierra Grille,and Bagel World.
What Inspires You to Surf? Watching John John surf.
Favorite Surf Video: Wardo Stories,Lost Atlas,and stranger than fiction.
Hobbies: Golfing,Skating,and Tow ats.
Worst Time You Got in Trouble: When i was 9 there was a house being built across the street,and i thought it would be cool to throw rocks at
the window.
What's Banging Around in Your iPod? The XX,Asap Rocky,Chief Keef,and Kendrick Lamar. 
Ever Been Close to a Shark? Yes,but not that often.
What Would You Do with One Million Dollars? Buy a House somewhere tropical.Go on a lot of surf trips,buy a car or two,and invest what
ever i have left.
Your Goals as a Surfer: Win a Jr Pro, make good web videos,win a WQS,and eventually make the tour.
Trick of the Future: Backside 720.
Strongest Maneuver: Air reverse
My Car: My Mom and I share a Toyota mini van.
If I Didn't Surf: I would try to be a skater.  
I Love Boogie Boarding Because: Its fun to run people over.
Something I Suck At: Drawing,and Bios.
Best Joke to Play on Someone: Superglue my friends fingers together while they were sleeping.
Words of Wisdom: The more a mans knows, the more he forgives.
Lesson Learned the Hard Way: Do not try a shove-it on a brand new board.
How Fun are Bios? Not that fun.
People that Annoy You: Loud people.
Favorite Websites:,