Rick Takahashi

Nickname(s): TAK

Date of Birth
: N/A

: Unknown

Hometown: La Jolla, CA aka The 1210

: Rusty, Hanger94, Dakine, Electric, Grand Ave. Chiropractic

: Despos (don’t go there it sucks)

: Gabby (that guy made it happen)

Years Surfing
: 22

Crew: 2nd Row aka Death Row and The West Side of SC

Lefts or Rights?

Favorite Board
: 5’ 10” Parabolic by Hamon

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 155 lbs

: Regular

Favorite Vehicle
: Too many to mention...

Grinds: I try and eat healthy

What Inspires You to Surf?
The groms inspire me to sure better…

Favorite Surf Video
: Surf into Summer

Hobbies: Work…

Worst Time You Got in Trouble: In Santa Cruz, can’t really tell the story...

What's Banging Around Your iPod?
Too many to mention, but Manu Chao

Ever Been Close to a Shark?
Yeah in Hawaii, a 16 ft tiger shark

What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?
Go on more surf trips and buy a bowling ally

Your Goals as a Surfer
: I have one goal and that’s to continue to win.

Trick of the Future: Some kind of rotating air

Your Strongest Maneuver: Frontside ally-oop

My Car?
Murdered-out Dodge Magnum with the R-dot on the grillla

If I Didn't Surf
: I would either skateboard or maybe be a bass fisherman

I Love Boogie Boarding Because
: They don’t ding your board when you run over them…

Something I Suck at
: Spelling and typing fast…

Words of Wisdom
: I say two things all the time to groms, “be passionate about what you do and enjoy the moment”.

How Fun Are Bios?
They would be way cooler if we could change them more often

Favorite Website: YouTube, so much funny stuff…

Links: downsouthfilms.com