1)  Can I wash this without taking the headphones out?
Yes!  Just follow the care instructions on the hang tag.  Wash separately or (with similar colors) in cold.  Don’t remove the headphones or draw cords – leave them in.   Oh, remember to remove your valuables from your pockets – including your music devise and wax.  Oh, take out pens too, unless you want your clothes to look like they’ve been tie-dyed.

2)  After I wash my Wired Series fleece, can I put it in the dryer?
For best results, go old school and set up a wire from one tree to another and get some clothes pins and hang your fleece like Grandma use to.  Or lay it flat.  Dryer is not recommended.

3)  Are the headphones machine washable?
Yes!  Through some crazy technology called HB3, the headphones have been manufactured to be put into the washing machine.  That way, you don’t need a good memory and remember to take them out or show any responsibility either…just take off your Wired Series garment and toss in the washing machine.

4)  What happens if my headphones don’t work?
Check first to make sure your mp3 device is working properly.  If the issue is truly with the headphones, take back to the store where you purchased the item.  

5)  What if I break my ear buds?
Tough *%$%.  If your dog decided to use one of the ear buds as a chew toy or the ear bud got caught in the door when your girlfriend slammed it in your face and it was smashed to pieces, we are truly sorry.  I would punish the dog and leave your girl.  As for the busted ear buds, we would like to know.   Good stories may warrant replacement.  Send us an email at customerservice@rusty.com. If your ear buds just flat out fell apart and it was not caused by a blunt force – please take back to the store where you purchased the item.  

6)  What happens if the rubber part of my ear bud falls off?
Time to accessorize?  Please know that the rubber piece on the ear bud is removable.  So, it may fall off if it catches on something.  It may come off in the wash too.  So keep that in mind. Extra rubber pieces can be found at stores that sell all kinds of headphones/ear buds.  Because they aren’t paying us, we can’t mention their names.  However, we will be offering 2 extra sets of these rubber pieces in October 2010.   

7)  Why is the rubber part of the ear bud removable?
If you like your ear buds as they come on the garment, great!  You are a low maintenance individual.  If you are in pursuit of sonic harmony or fashion individuality, you may remove the existing rubber pieces for another style. 


IF you have further questions or need further support please email us at  customerservice@rusty.com