Back in Indo filming. It's too productive not to come back and fry yourself. The team is Coleborn, Noa Deane, Jack Freestone with myself, Blake, Nate and Hamish on the tools. The basic Indo camp is empty which is unreal. Our own bar, pool table and dartboard. There is another camp with 10 dudes from Perth but they are interested in different waves. The boys are watching footage right now getting hyped.

Noa AKA "Curls" is in fine form in the water but pretty washed up on land. Back when youth doesn't get hung. Our local bartender Nadia gave Mitch the nickname "Red Foo."

The other night we were given random McDonalds cheeseburgers. They were flown in from Mataram by miners. "Oh yeah, hang on, thanks for the cheeseburgers bro" yelled Coleborn as he judo chopped six of them on the pool table and then covered Noa in cheeseburgers. "We should call the movie Cheese!"

The footage from this will most likely end up in a Lizards of Summer episode. Coleborn's drunken alter ego is "Spawn," and we have met him once this trip. He can be fun. He can be terrifying.

The vibes are high and the boyz are buzzing. Mitch visualized himself doing a varial in the surf and then pulled one. Noa was asked to do a Big Spin pre-session and landed one of the better ones in his clip hunting career.

In about an hour Noa and Nate are about to eat "Mexico City," which consists of 2 tacos, chili con carne, a burrito and nachos. The boyz can't wait. You can buy packets for cigs for 2 bucks at the bar. We are cooking ourselves on Bali kopi. Goey coffee.

Noa introduced the boys to a game called "Footy" on the dartboard.

Swell is looking good the next few days.
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