Come try out the latest Rusty shapes and designs Thursday May 2nd with HSS Surf Shop in Huntington Beach, and Friday May 3rd with Ventura Surf Shop in Ventura. The Rusty crew will be on hand with stickers, gear, and prizes, as well as a grip of new sticks for you to shred!

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Looking for that new Rusty shred sled now that the spring and summer surf season is upon us? Look no further, we have the line up you need to elevate your game in the lineup!

Visit our featured surfboards page here and check out some of our new and classic favorite including the Happy Shovel, The Neil Diamond, the Kerrosover, and the Slayer.

For more information on how to place a custom order, or where to find the shape your looking for in your local town visit our surfboards site here and fill out your information.

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