Kalani’s Gun Rack

What happens when you win the "Wave of the Winter" competition in the 2010/2011 season? You get a fat stack of Rusty Guns for the 2011/2012 Season. Just ask Kalani Chapman...

photo: Brody

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Our dude Barron Mamiya, is E{ freaking }LEVEN and is this cool! By land & by sea, we are backing his stee. Peep him here on his crew's  Surfline feature... { click here , duh! }

In a conversation with his mom (Megan) the other evening I asked if he still wore the same size trunks for his next order and he yelled out in the background, "yeah Mom same size, please tell L J, nothing below the knee!" HA!! Love your work kid!

All Photos: by our homey Corey Wilson { thank you dudeman! }

Punt of the Month: Seth Moniz

Have you ever seen a 13 year old kid do a full rotation air reverse? I hadn't until I watched this clip... Give it a click.

This month's "Punt of the Month" on Surfline (presented by yours truly) goes to mega grom Seth Moniz.

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Punt of the Month on Surfline: Scanezy’s Full Rotation

Rusty sponsors the "Punt of the Month" on Surfline.com and this month's winner is Oscar Scanes for his full rotation double grab at Canggu in Bali. Click the frame grab below to have a look...

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Josh was looking good today and should have the day off tomorrow during the losers round. These were on Surfline... Thanks guys!

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Punt of the Month on Surfline: Presented by Rusty- Seabass in Indo

Each month the crew at Surfline.com weed through the surplus of footage they receive to find the stand out "Punt of the Month", presented by Rusty.  This month the coveted title goes to Sebastian "Seabass" Zietz for his silky smooth superman he recently threw down in Indo- he didn't even lose any speed either, as he went straight into his next turn.  Congrats Seabass!  Click to have a look and remember to keep going above the lip because next month, the "Punt of the Month" prize pack could go to you!

Filmed by: Lachie McKinnon and Matt Wybenga

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Threading the needle with Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr has some amazing barrels in Surfline's "West Coast Shack Fest" feature, have a look...

"Josh seemed to get a little deeper in his barrels and he really found the doggy doors on a couple," said Taylor Knox. "A lot of his better barrels weren't clean -- he had to doggy door 'em, he found the escape quite a bit."

*Don't forget to tune in and watch Josh Kerr's movie premier the Kerrazy Kronicles at 8pm March 16th at the Lido Theatre or streaming LIVE on Rusty's Facebook page.