Josh Kerr Center Spread

Josh Kerr has been on a role lately. From making the Semifinal in Rio to getting a 10 page center fold in the latest SURFER magazine. All this work has surly payed off. Now Kerrzy is sitting in the number 3 spot as he goes into the Volcom Fiji Pro. He hopes to better his ranking and in a perfect world win the world title. If you haven't opened the new SURFER mag yet then take some time and look at what you are missing...

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Good Tube Dude. We are fans.

PS, we borrowed this from SURFER Mag and we nabbed another from our dude Shawn Parkin. Thanks Fellas !

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THE FIRST NORTHWEST SWELL OF THE SEASON GREETS THE CALIFORNIA COAST AND CLAY JOHNSON was treating himself to a good time up in his hood on the Central Coast. Peep more from SURFER here . Amaze shots by Burkard.

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