Check out this Fresh clip of Rusty team rider Noa Deane going absolutely looney in the Telo Islands. Watch as Noa throws rotation after rotation and huge man hacks all while Nirvana blares in the background, hyping your eyeballs and raising your froth-o-meter to an all time high.

This clip is guaranteed to get your amping to get in the lineup... Enjoy!

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Simon Lafranchi, Perth, WA

“Right from the start we planned to do it all by hand and not use any suppliers. We created everything from hand. Hand-dyed, hand-cut, hand-sewed, hand-stitched, hand-painted, handdetails. The main element which shined in our design was the fabric treatment. It’s a transfer process where you never really know the result you’ll get. We used our four-way dobby stretch fabric which is our performance fabric but we wanted to try and show it not looking so high-tech. We put it through a process of boiling, hand-painting, scrunching and saturating. Because the short was made local, we had to source materials local. A heavy-weight brass snap was sourced from a local boat shop.”

“I don’t think we could even price these trunks. That said, we could go down a limited-edition path, where we only make 200 trunks. We could dye the fabric locally and then construct it through our suppliers. Each trunk would come in a unique package and all would be one-of-a-kind through our hand-dyed treatment process. We would probably be looking at $150 apiece. Hoo! We could go down the avenue of mass-producing this trunk but its such a unique trunk it wouldn’t do it justice.”

“We were able to go through a design process without any real structure or limitations at all. It was a great way to work and build a lot of creative ideas which you don’t really get when you’re designing between retail and customer parameters.”

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A Little Slice of Noa

Bad weather, fun waves, four surfs and an amazing clip in the nuttiest of shells. Take a peek…

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