We are now past the half way point on the world tour season. Currently sitting 8th in the world, here is a flash back to how Josh Kerr got things stated at Snapper Rocks placing equal 3rd.

JOSH KERR X SNAPPER ROCKS from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.

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K E R R vs. K E L L Y

Photo: © ASP/ Kirstin

Kerr started off 2012 in fighting form with his fifth Quarterfinal draw against reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater. In 2011 Kerrzy and Slates had matched up four times with Slater advancing every case. However, Kerr ended the drought and advanced thanks to a massive forehand air-reverse at the end of the heat.

Slater said of the heat “I turned around and Josh (Kerr) was on a pretty nice one and he got that air at the end. He’s always going to be a threat in conditions like this where he can throw big airs. I got Josh a few times last year, we had four Quarterfinal battles last year where I got him, so he owed me a couple. It never feels good to lose, but I’m happy for Josh.”

Kerrzy took an equal 3rd in the contest when he fell to Adriano in the Semifinals but a great start for Josh in 2012!

K E R R – Q U A R T E R S

Kerrazy warming up before his heat. Coming up, the quarterfinals vs. S L A T E R!

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K E R R – R O U N D 4

Josh Kerr won his Rd 3 heat this morning with another display of aerial surfing. Josh posted the highest wave score of the day yesterday with a 9.5.

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Nate Yeomans Goes Bananas

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