The Wave Call


We met Benjamin McCrumuda on a recent trip to West Africa to document an episode of "On Surfari" (Fuel TV) with Shayne McIntyre and his family and we quickly got the impression that there is something special about Benjamin. However, it was not until we surfed together that we learned of his gift...

"Kway-Pu-Na! Kway-Pu-Na! Kway-Pu-Na!" Benjamin bellowed at the top of his lungs while slapping the ocean with his open palms, displacing all the water around him. He took a break from his unique ritual and glanced up at me. With a quick smile and a look of pure confidence he assured me, "Big wave coming." Again, he called out and slapped the water, "Kway-Pu-Na! Kway-Pu-Na! Kway-Pu-Na!"

Sitting on our boards we dipped down the back side of a meager passing wave. As we bobbed up the face of the next wave to a better vantage point we caught a glimpse of the approaching set. Corduroy lines stacked on the horizon and with a promise of size and power they steamed in like runaway train. I shot a quick look at Benjamin and with a grin that said, "I told you so," he repeated, "Big wave coming." There was a great rumble as the waves drew nearer and, like passengers in line for a roller coaster, we each got into position and one by one, embarked on the ride of a lifetime.


This was not a fluke set nor a case of right place/right time, but Benjamin actually has the ability to call the waves. He has a deep connection with the earth and Mother nature and, like clock work, when he recites the words "Quoi kpuoo Na" (sounds like Kway-pu-na), the sea comes to life. In his native toungue of Vai "Qwey Poo Na" translates to "big sea wave come." We tried to mimic the wave call ourselves but with no success; we even tried recording Benjamin doing the wave call and playing it back to the ocean, but we were not rewarded. Benjamin is the chosen one with the gift to call the waves. We surfed with Benjamin a lot.

Benjamin's gift has served the developing surf community well. The abundance of surf has helped increase the surfing skills in this small fishing village at an accelerated rate and with a style all their own. With no surf videos to obsess over and no surf magazines to memorize, the boys simply acquired a few boards, threw themselves into the Atlantic, and the result is pure, untainted surfing. Watching Benjamin and his friends surf is truly a reminder as to why we all started surfing in the first place... It's just plain fun.

Text and Photos: Brody

Thanks to our friends over at Surfers Journal for running this piece on their website.

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The Dwart: Presented by Shayne McIntyre in West Africa

On Surfari + West Africa + Dwart from Shayne McIntyre on Vimeo.

Check out how the Dwart tackles the West African point breaks, handling anything from waist high to well over head...

Make sure to check out On Surfari and Fuel TV for the full episode airing in February...

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Shayne McIntyre Scores Puerto Rico on his 6’2″ Predator

Shayne is back at his home in Puerto Rico and as if he did not score enough epic waves in Liberia, he has been getting pummeled with swell in his front yard. Have a look at a few photos featured on ...


picture-1Photo: Steve Fitzpatrick

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On Location in Liberia with “On Surfari”: Behind the Scenes

Liberian Line Up

"On Surfari" always scours the globe to find the most unique destinations to film their show and this episode brought them to Liberia! Liberia is a country that is rebuilding itself after a terrible civil war and there is a heavy UN presence in order to keep the peace, but there are rumored to be epic waves... In addition to the search for swell, there are organizations and individuals living in Liberia who put others before themselves and their causes are worth featuring. So, in efforts to help change the public perception of Liberia, a country that the U.S. Embassy highly advises against traveling to, Shayne and Shannon McIntyre sought out their next family vacation...

Over the course of the past several weeks the McIntyres (accompanied by their five year old son Banyon and year and a half year old daughter Coral) spent their time between surfing flawless lefts, highlighting humanitarian efforts, and even doing a bit of giving themselves.

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the upcoming episode, "On Surfari: Liberia"...

Shayne interviews the coach of the Liberian National Amputee Soccer Team...

then he gets taken out trying to play goalie!

Keith Chapman, of Trinity Dental Clinic , is one of the only dentists in Liberia and lives in Monrovia with his family in order to save the lives of Liberians in need.

Long and lonesome roads.

Shayne and cinematographer, Nic Mclean, getting work done...



Hosting a movie night on the beach, with the help of The Strong Heart Fellowship Orphanage , for the small fishing village (which has never seen a movie theatre). They screened an episode of "On Surfari" and the critically acclaimed surf film, "Sliding Liberia," which features their locals and waves and the crowd went absolutely wild!

Shannon lending a helping hand painting the Strong Heart Orphanage.

Drive by shooting.

All Photos (except last): Brody Last Photo: AJ Libenberg

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The Predator in Liberia




Photos: Brody


"I've tried almost all of Rusty's shortboard models and the "Predator" is the one that works for me. I found it to be the most responsive board to what I want to do on a wave, and it works well in the small stuff and when it starts pumping as well. I don't travel with many boards, to keep light, so the Predator is the only thruster shortboard I bring."

-Shayne McIntyre

Keep your eyes peeled on for the Predator video and on Fuel TV for the newest episode of "On Surfari," featuring their all time trip to Liberia, coming soon...

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The Dwart in Liberia

Shayne McIntyre demonstrates the versatility of the new Rusty Surfboard model, The Dwart, in West Africa by surfing the little 5'8" surfboard in everything from fast and racy to well overhead!




All Photos: Brody

Check back soon for the "Dwart in Liberia" surfboard video...

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Checking in from Liberia

good-morning1Good morning West Africa...

It was not easy to get here: days of air travel, sketchy car rides, petty theives, corrupt officials, and poverty everywhere the eye can see. However, all of the hardships seemed to drift away and we were handsomely rewarded when we reached our isolated destination on the West coast of Africa. The McIntyre family, videographer Nic McLean, and myself have spent the last few weeks camping at the beach in front of one of the most perfect left hand point breaks I have ever seen. Each morning we have woke up to flawless lines of swell tapering off from around the point, some easily breaking for upwards of 350 yards... The only other surfers we have encountered are a few local groms who were a great reminder as to why we surf. These talented young individuals took to the water for the pure fun of surfing and leave all of their dilemmas and hard histories on the beach. This is a display of true escapism and an unparalleled portrayal of raw and untainted surfing talent. These local groms have not been schooled on the latest surf DVDs and top 44 riders, they just surf with the boards they have and the outcome is surfing in its purest form...

ben1Local stand out, Benjamin, going through his morning routine.

We have had an amazing time these last few weeks interacting with the people of Liberia and we definitely scored epic content for the next episode of "On Surfari"!  Keep your eyes posted on for some behind the scenes sneak peaks, slide shows, and board videos from Liberia.

All the Best...

- Sean Brody



lady-mShayne and Shannon make it a family day and trade waves to the sand

Text and Photos: Brody

On Surfari: Liberia


Shayne, Shannon, and Banyon McIntyre are off again to film the next episode of Fuel TV's On Surfari in the country of Liberia and they have decided to bring along Rusty Surfboards staff photographer, Sean Brody, to help document the unique experience. There is rumored to be some epic point breaks in West Africa and they are going to check it out first hand. In addition to seeking out uncrowded waves they will be doing their part to enrich the community by teaching the locals how to swim, how to preserve the ocean and beaches, and even how to create alia surfboards out of scrap plywood lying around - aiding in the birth of a Liberian surf community.

After Liberia they will be heading into Europe to be on location with Rusty's Matt Beacham (also host of Fuel TV's "New Pollution"). They will be showcasing up and coming Euro groms surfing in France followed by skating in Belgium...

Check in regularly for slide shows, video clips, board features, and updates from abroad!

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Rusty Del Mar: A Night with Shayne McIntyre


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Shayne McIntyre, of “On Surfari,” Shreds Only Rusty Surfboards

Shayne's Little Rusty Stick from On Surfari on Vimeo.

Fuel TV's "On Surfari," features the travel adventures of Shayne, Shannon, and their kids as they criss-cross the globe in the name of surf exploration and cultural immersion...

We have supplied Shayne and company with some boards to surf along the way and they have expressed their gratitude by proclaiming, "There are so many factors and things to worry about when filming "On Surfari" on the road... and one thing I don't have to worry about anymore is boards. Shannon and I's surfing is improving with Rusty Surfboards underfoot, and it's helping make our our show better. Thank you."

After surfing a plethora of Rusty Surfboards in a variety of waves, it seems Shayne may have found a favorite; check out the following video clip and watch him shred his go-to 5'8" Quad...

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