Pure Pipeline Madness as a pumping swell hits the North Shore during the final days of 2012. The clips will make you froth and include Rusty team rider Mikey Ciaramella as well as a slew of other chargers getting shacked out of their heads. Courtesy: Surfline.com

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Shop of the Month ~ Bird Rock Surf

Bird Rock Surf was founded in 2007, since then they have always strived to be a shop for everyone. Located at 5509 at La Jolla Blvd they are centrally located between La Jolla and Pacific beach.

As the largest surf shop in La Jolla they strive to cater to everyone's needs, from clothing, to boards, to wetsuits, and everything in between.

Visit them online at birdrocksurfshop.com Or Call for more info at (858) 459-9200
Open Monday­ - Saturday 9am-7pm, and Sunday 9am-6pm

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"THE BIG GUY" a.k.a. Rusty & PT talking surf craft evolution this past Saturday at HSS. The two are industry legends and it was rad to have some insight on the current state of surfboard shaping. Thanks for the good times HSS.


Davies, Nate and Kerr wrestling with the Banzai

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Hawaiian Diaries ep4

Jay Davies spent some time with our man R DOT & shaped up a single fin, which he is currently SLAYING in Hawaii right this very moment. "THING GOES MAD" - Jay

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A clip featuring the rusty team in bali going looney on their single fins shaped by rusty preisendorfer.

ESPN Interviews Rusty

Contrary to popular opinion, Rusty Preisendorfer doesn't spend all his time locked in the shaping bay.

When someone starts in about their hip replacement and their ball player son, you think "senior discounts and prune juice." But if that speaker is high-functioning surfboard designer Rusty Preisendorfer, you're talking a whole 'nother story. We recently stuck a mic in R-Dot's grill, and asked him for some perspective on the contemporary surfboard landscape.

Rusty, enough about you. What's up with your son, Clint? I was told that he was drafted by the Yankees.
At first, the Florida Marlins wanted to take him straight from high school. Tall left-handed kid. 6'5", never injured, topped out at 91 m.p.h. and had a lot of action. Had a good bat, good glove. He spent a couple of years at Palomar Community College and had some good coaching. The Yankees drafted him, but ended releasing him after a year. We had a talk, and he explained that he didn't have the passion anymore. He was more into surfing.

I've heard Clint can shape. Is he following your path now?
Well, he surfed as a kid when he wasn't playing ball. When he was 17, he finished a couple of boards off the machine. Those are about ninety percent done, so it was just fine-sanding the core. In the last year, he has shown an interest in both hand-shaping and learning the CAD software to design surfboards. Even glassing -- he wants to learn how to build a board from start to finish.

Clint Preisendorfer, a world away from the bullpen.

That brings up an interesting question. Are there shapers today who don't know how to hand-shape a board? Can you just finish out a pre-shape and call yourself a shaper?
Actually, there are two sides to that. There are a lot of good shapers who are skilled with their hands, but they're -- I don't want to say technophobic -- but if they embraced the software it could really help them with doing production boards. On the other hand, if you use the machine and have the feedback of a couple of great surfers, you can really fine tune things and experience a lot of success. So yeah, some shapers have made a name for themselves without having to hand shape thousands of boards.

Despite being most well known for making really tuned boards for professional surfers, you're gaining a reputation for boards for the regular surfer.
Things change. In the mid-'90s, you started seeing alternative surfboards in surf films by guys like the Malloys and Thomas Campbell. It was obvious that guys were having a lot of fun on shorter, wider boards. It was sort of a backlash, admitting that, yeah, the pros surf well beyond us mortals, but ... some of it has been the Internet, too. You didn't see it in the print media, because we know that food chain. It had to come from other places. Now people realize that for average conditions, probably the last thing you want to ride is what the pros ride.

In the end, what makes surfing unique is the surfboard, the custom surfboard. It's such a rare opportunity. You can't, as far as I know, order a set of custom skis. A custom guitar is thousands of dollars. But for a few hundred bucks you can go to a shaper down the street working in his workshop, and come up with something completely unique to you --the surfer.

Interview courtesy from ESPN

Photos by: Tom Servais
Text by: Tom Servais and Scott Hulet

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RBH Team Challenge: Charlie Sheens Winning

This past weekend the Rusty Boardhouse Team Challenge went down in fun, shoulder high surf on the North side of Scripps Pier. There was a great turn out of local talent that made for a really exciting and close event. The contest had a unique structure... four man teams where chosen at random in the morning, consisting of two groms and two adults. The event was tag team style and points were tallied for a winning team. At the end of the day the winning team was The Charlie Sheens, consisting of Jacob Szekely, Bryan Guter, Miles Toner, Jay Christenson. Congrats, each team member won a shaped blank from Rusty Surfboards...

the scene

blow tail

Jacob Szekely

Bryan Guter

Jay Christenson


Rick Takahashi

Lucas Dirkse

For more photos from the event check out the GALLERY.

Photos: Brody

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Feeling Single?

See that single fin that Matty Wilko's staring at, longingly? It's Josh Kerr's new sled, shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer. The reason Wilko's so interested, is because he's just ordered a similar design himself. Forget quads, 2011's all about the single rudder.

Today was a lay-day at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, so the boys pulled together a small crew and cruised down the coast a little, to surf a break that sits just off the side of the road. During the trip, there was very little talk of the contest, with most discussion being about board design. The whole crew had a go of Kerr's board – Wilko, Damo Hobgood, Rusty Victoria rep Finn Barry and a coupla others. According to photog Damea Dorsey, Finn was surfing the best out of anyone.

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Red Kerr”pet” Affair

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