Check out the feature on Transworld Surf with Rusty team rider Josh Kerr showing and explaining the step by step moves to stomping Alley Oops. Kerrzy is an air master and there are few professional surfers who can pull these off as smooth and gracefully as he does. Check out the photos on, then get in the water and keep hucking until you get it!

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Congrats to Rusty team riders Mikey Ciaramella and Jack Brandon for blowing up at the NSSA contests on both coasts!

Mikey Ciaramella pushed his way through to make the final and take the win at the NSSA College Men's state Championships this weekend in HB, taking down a list of talented surfers to take home the trophy! This is one of the biggest wins of Mikey's surfing career and we're stoked everyone got to see what Mikey can put together during a heat.

photo: Chandler Hatch

Jack Brandon also flared up in the water over the weekend taking a 1st place, and 3rd place win in his respective divisions at the NSSA contest in Florida. Jack spent the day battling weak surf and the blazing sun to take home the win. He was able to link enough together to get the points and make it through, look for him to keep the results showing up into the Easterns coming up in 2 weeks!

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Check out the newly released kick off to Season 2 of the web series STOKE featuring Rusty team rider Corey Howell and friends shredding through Puerto Rico. The crew of adventurers included local rippers Marley Puglielli, Roger Torres and Carlos "Chispa" Andres trekking around Puerto scoring some perfect surf, and a night of fun in San Juan to see Deadmau5 live!

Be sure to click the like button and subscribe to see episode 2 due out soon!

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Check out these sweet clips from Rusty team rider Mikey Ciaramella from his recent south of the border adventure in Baja Mexico. Mikey grew up chasing hurricane surf in Jersey, but is currently living in San Diego California, and is enjoying taking full advantage of being able to make the trek passed the border for some uncrowded point break waves, and authentic baja tacos!

Enjoy and get amped....

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Check out the Full Frame feature from featuring Rusty team rider Jay Davies hucking a lofty one out into the flats. There's also a little write up on the testimony of how skilled Jay is on waves likes this, and in his air game. Check out the photo and feature on for more

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Looking for a new shape to bring some fun back into your session and put a smile on your face? Say hello to The Happy Shovel from Rusty!

Introducing the newest edition to the quiver, this small wave board is ideal for that knee to shoulder high day. Its limits are yet to be determined. Think low volume but high surface area.

The Happy Shovel paddles and planes with ease, combining a double-barrel concave and short board rails, the board allows you to whip it around on a dime! We designed it with the five fin setup for even more versatility so you can ride it as a quad or a thruster.

Our team riders across the globe have been giving the Happy Shovel two thumbs up… a fun board to surf!

For more info visit the surfboards section here...

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Congrats to Rusty team rider Mikey Ciaramella for taking 3rd place this past weekend, and Sammy Orozco for making the final at the Volcom VQS contest at Seaside Reef! Both Mikey and Rusty team rider Sam Orozco slugged their way through the heats to land a spot in the final, taking down some big up and coming names along the way.

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Thanks to the Surfrider foundation for honoring Rusty with the Surf Industry Partnership Award this past Saturday night in Dana Point California. The annual award ceremony honors those who have contributed and helped grow the efforts of the Surfrider Foundations mission to keep our ocean and beaches clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

To find out more how you can help make sure your local beach and waterways stay free and clean visit
Support your local beach and get involved!

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Check out the latest webisode from featuring Rusty team rider Jay Davies ripping around South Africa titled "Gold Coast". Jay is joined by Noa Deane for a couple of windy lofty airs as well.

If you haven't had the pleasure yet visit to see more clips to get you frothing!


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Check out this collection of clips from Rusty east coast team rider Mikey Ciaramella charging spots all over the North Shore this past 2012-2013 season. It even shows him taking a digger closeout at Pipe, cutting open his melon, getting it wrapped up, and throwing on a helmet so he can get back out in the lineup and pull into some more heaving pits! Yewww!

From paying his dues to getting some sick clips, Mikey's edit will get you frothing for some crystal clear, warm water tubes.

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