R – D O T

The R dot logo is back! Reaching into the rich heritage of Rusty, the brand will once again focus on the Hardcore R dot logo. Here are a few gems from the past to get your ready for what is to come this year…

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#OURKIND ~ Ambassadors

Our athletes & ambassadors are aspirational and inspirational of the surfing lifestyle. They live OUR KIND.

Josh Kerr he of the Kerr-upt flip was christened on a bodyboard but graduated to a surfboard at age eleven and was winning air shows by 16. He has won two Airshow World Titles in 2001 and 2003 and for the last few years has cemented a place on the World Tour. Kerr grew up on the Gold Coast and honed his skills on the long point breaks, surfing all day and partying all night, he now resides in the US with his wife and 2 groms and lives a hop skip jump away from Rusty Presindorfer surfboard factory down San Diego way. Big heart, big smiles how can’t you love him..

Jay Davies is as big as Western Australia (his homeland). He is strong. He is powerful. He is big, tanned, dark.Yet, he surfs like a fleet-footed pixie. He tosses himself to the air, spins, and doesn’t come down. Or when he does, he comes down fins first and tweaked. He has travelled the world based solely on his surf skills and he claims to have no other skills, “I don’t have any other skills,” besides drinking beer. “I like to drink beer but it doesn’t pay.” And he does like to drink beer. He likes to drink beer and party. He once led an entire dance club in a wild and sudden acapella version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (including dance moves). Women swooned.

If you were to compile a list of pro surfers with the weirdest haircuts, Noa Deane would be the yardstick. Look closely; it resembles the mushroom character from Super Mario Brothers. Rad. Weird. It’s certainly one of the most awesome manes to ever slide inside a Snapper Rocks chamber. When Noa’s not blowing fins at D- Bah you can find him tapping into the left-hand side of his brain getting creative with his 35mm camera, painting & drawing dinosaurs with crooked limbs.

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Ask R Dot: What do you recommend for a step up?


Hey Rusty, I'm 5'3 half and 150 lbs. I love riding fishes and 80s quivers more than any modern shortboard. I hate any board that are less than 2 and half thickness cos I'll just sink, which gives me a hard time to find a good go to shortboard for everyday waves from knee high to DOH. Slayer seems like a perfect ideal board for me. What is your dimension suggestion? How about 5'8 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/2? Is that too much of volume? Should it be wider around 19"? Let me know, thanks!
- Mike


Mike, The Slayer has been a popular alternative to a step up board. Your numbers are pretty close to what I’d recommend for a Slayer. It might not be the ideal choice for knee high, but will excel in overhead surf. For an everyday board? Dwarts, Hustlers and Dozers have all had great feedback. The Dwart is the widest and thickest one of the bunch and can be ridden the shortest. It’s a good modern alternative to an old school fish with more range. The Dozer is a performance shortboard that has been widened a little, all the way around, with slightly relaxed rocker on both ends. Hustler is a cool, skatey, fishy thing that has excels in a variety of conditions. If you love riding old school fish shapes and 80’s style boards, this is one to take a look at. Because of the flatter deck, you’d be able to go a little thinner in the center but still have some extra volume carried out to the rails. These are all available in a 5 fin convertible option. The ability to switch from 3 to 4 fins will add to the versatility of your board.


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