Hunter Smashes Panama on his Rusty R-1

Video: Eric Derman
Edit: Brian Mulvihill

On the Road: Hunter Lysaught

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, is pretty much living out of his board bag now-a-days. Good thing he knows what to pack at... with a 6'6" Traveler for camping in the tube, a custom 5'11" R-1 Shortboard with a thumb tail for when the waves are good- but not huge, and a 5'9" Jokerr for making the most out of groveling conditions, and a few pairs of boardies- Hunter is pretty set to tackle any situation that presents itself, whether it is competitions, free surfing, or just living. From Puerto, to England, to France, to Virginia... Hunter always has a one way ticket going somewhere to harness his skills. Free surfing on his 5'11":

Sequence: Casey Rossi

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