bread from noa deane on Vimeo.

Two days in one state, being the southern-most of Australia, and infinite kilometers, and excellent waves starring Noa Deane. Cut to Dirty Beaches' Golden Desert Sun, by Shane Fletcher. Dislikers of back-to-back spins should find this to be digital splendor.

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P U N T ~ Y E A R

Who will win the $10,000? The Punt of the Year finalist will be complete once Nov/Dec has been decided. Here is a recap of your finalists so far. Final voting will take place in January. Your vote will count in deciding who will take the $10,000 and the Punt of the Year title.

November: John John Florence

October: Gabriel Medina

September: John John Florence

August: John John Florence

July: Alan Fendrich

June: Cory Lopez

May: Alan Fendrich

April: Kelly Slater

March: Matt Meola

February: Matt Meola

January: Albee Layer

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