Congrats to Rusty team riders Mikey Ciaramella and Jack Brandon for blowing up at the NSSA contests on both coasts!

Mikey Ciaramella pushed his way through to make the final and take the win at the NSSA College Men's state Championships this weekend in HB, taking down a list of talented surfers to take home the trophy! This is one of the biggest wins of Mikey's surfing career and we're stoked everyone got to see what Mikey can put together during a heat.

photo: Chandler Hatch

Jack Brandon also flared up in the water over the weekend taking a 1st place, and 3rd place win in his respective divisions at the NSSA contest in Florida. Jack spent the day battling weak surf and the blazing sun to take home the win. He was able to link enough together to get the points and make it through, look for him to keep the results showing up into the Easterns coming up in 2 weeks!

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Corey Howell dominating the NSSA winning the Open Men's, Explorer Men's, Explorer Juniors, College Men's and College Team. One could say Corey had a good weekend.

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Mega Grom Ryland Takes on the Juniors

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Ryland Rubens, had been rattling the ranks at the recent NSSA event in O-side. Not only did the 12 year old grom make the final of the Open Boys Division, but he also made the final of the Juniors Division! Check out NSSA.org for more from the event...

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Rusty Team at the NSSA’s

Just finished up with the NSSA nationals held at the Huntington Beach pier. Although we didn’t win any titles, we did have a Rusty rider in most of the top 4. Rick Takahashi placed 1st in Explore masters and 2 in Explorer Seniors. Barron surfed his heart out and won every heat, but when it came down to the finals the waves did not cooperate enough for him to get the scores he needed. Mahina made two finals but was also unlucky with wave selection.

Check out the Pictures here.


1. Leila Hurst-Kilauea, HI 12.40
2. Tatiana Weston Webb-Hanalei, HI 10.00
3. Mahina Maeda-Sunset Beach, HI 9.00
4. Taylor Pitz-Laguna Beach, CA 7.75

OPEN MINI GROMS (ages 10 & under)
1. Tyler Gunter-Newport Beach, CA 8.80
2. Stevie Pittman-Newport, NC 7.65
3. Eithan Osborne-Ventura, CA 7.50
4. Barron Mamiya-Waialua, HI 5.35

OPEN GIRLS (ages 14 & under)
1. Dax McGill-Sunset Beach, HI 10.50
2. Tatiana Weston Webb-Hanalei, HI 7.50
3. Mahina Maeda-Sunset Beach, HI 7.10
4. Bailey Nagy-Haleiwa, HI 6.00


EXPLORER MENS (all ages)
1. Chris Tucker-Satellite Beach, FL 11.90
2. Matty Costa-Ewa Beach, HI 11.83
3. Keala Naihe-Kailua Kona, HI 11.30
4. Keto Burns-St Augustine, FL 10.06
5. Dylan Kowalski-Wrightsville Beach, NC 9.67
6. Tabin Shamblin-Lawai, HI, 7.07

EXPLORER GIRLS (ages 14 & under)
1. Tatiana Weston Webb-Hanalei, HI 13.67
2. Kulia Doherty-San Clemente CA 11.06
3. Moana Jones-Sunset Beach, HI 10.53
4. Dax McGill-Sunset Beach, HI 6.96
5. Mahina Maeda-Sunset Beach, HI 6.90
6. Tia Blanco-San Clemente, CA 6.10

EXPLORER MASTERS (ages 25 & up)
1. Rick Takahashi-San Diego, CA 15.17
2. Mike Reilly-Lakewood, CA 9.27
3. Chris Munsterman-San Diego, CA 9.24
4. Daniel Sacchi-Wilmington, NC 6.76
5. Lee Toresdahl-Huntington Beach, CA 3.87

EXPLORER SENIORS (ages 35 & up)
1. Rusty Phillipy-Cardiff by the Sea, CA 13.26
2. Rick Takahashi-San Diego, CA 10.50
3. Kas Alves-Oxnard, CA 7.66
4. Mike Lamm-Oxnard, CA 6.56
5. Allen Sarlo-Malibu, CA 5.30
6. Terry Gillard-Imperial Beach, CA 5.13

1. Ezekiel Lau-Honolulu, HI
2. Keto Burns-St. Augustine, FL
3. Jeremy Carter-San Clemente, Ca
4. Taylor Clark-Encinitas, Ca
5.5. PJ Raia-Fair Haven, NJ
5.5 Chris Tucker-Satellite Beach, FL

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Kylie Loveland Ends the Season with three 1st Place Finishes and a 2nd!

Young Kylie Loveland has been on a tear lately and she has no signs of slowing down... She ended the Season with the following mind-blowing results:

NSSA Explorer Girls Southwest Division: 1st Place
NSSA Explorer Women Southwest Division: 1st Place
NSSA Open Girls Southwest Division: 2nd Place
SSS San Diego Region: 1st Place

Kylie also has been plugging away on her all new website in between heats, please give it a look:


Here is a note from Kylie and her dad, Keith:

Two weekends ago, Kylie surfed the NSSA Western Regionals, and the SSS State Championships. The SSS, is the Scholastic Surf Series, which is where all middle school teams compete as a team, and individualy. Kylie surfed four heats that Sunday morning, and in the final, she finally caught a wave and scored a 9.2, receiving a 9.8 from one judge. She got a back-up wave of 7.2, then ran out of the water, tore off her jersey, and jumped in my car to race up to Huntington to make her Explorer Womens Final at NSSA. She got a 2nd in that final, and then got a 5th in Explorer Girls and a 3rd in Open Girls. She was exhausted at the end of the day, having surfed seven heats totaling over two hours. We found out late that afternoon, that she won the SSS final. Thanks for all your support!
-Keith and Kylie Loveland

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Waterlogged: Ryland Rubens Runs with the Big Dogs

Ryland was stoked to get 4th place in both highly contested NSSA Regional’s - Explorer Menehune & Open Boys divisions. He was pretty much the youngest in both finals and still has another year left in each division... Watch out world.

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Breyden Taylor

Breyden Taylor won the Nssa West coast championships jr. explore division. Contest was held down at the Huntington beach pier this weekend. Breyden will be competing next month in the National Championships for the American title. Yeahhhh Breyden way to bring it home for Rusty!!!!

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Corey Howell

Since the end of March, Corey been in 5 contests. The first two, DNA Jr. Pro and Surfing America Prime, didn't go as planned and he didn't make it to the finals. However, in NSSA East Coast Championships, Corey got my mind straight and he went for broke. Corey won the Explorer Jrs., placed 3rd in Open Men, and 4th in Open Jrs. The following weekend, he traveled to St. Augustine for ESA's Southeast Regionals where he won Jr. Men. Corey also won Ron Jon Easter Fest's Jr Pro division at Cocoa Beach Pier.

"I have to say, there's nothing like seeing your picture on ESM or an article on you in the newspaper after a good weekend of surfing" - Corey Howell

Nice work Corey. YEW!

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Corey Howell wins dna Jr pro. Noah wins menehunes

Corey Howell took a 1st place win this weekend at the DNA JR PRO held in Melbourne Beach Florida. Noah Dovin also took first place in the menehunes division. This makes 3 straight wins for Corey Howell for the start of summer. Lets see if he can keep it going till NSSA Nationals.

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Ripping Through College with Hunter Lysaught

The 2010-11 NSSA West Coast College Team season came to a close with event #4 on Monday, January 17 at D St in Encinitas.  The college competitors were greeted with super fast steep lefts and rights from a west/northwest swell.  The size ranged anywhere from 2-6 feet with some bigger sets coming through.  Conditions were clean and glassy all day with summer like weather.  Twenty college teams were on hand to enjoy the day... (more at nssa.org)

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Hunter Lysaught, put on a very solid performance all day long and wound up on the winners podium with a second place!  Congrats to Hunter for ripping his way through college!

"This was our last regular season event before States and Nationals.  The Redline roundtail works insane!  One of the best boards I have... I keep it on ice and bring it out only for comps because it is lethal!"

-Hunter Lysaught

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