Check out this collection of clips from Rusty east coast team rider Mikey Ciaramella charging spots all over the North Shore this past 2012-2013 season. It even shows him taking a digger closeout at Pipe, cutting open his melon, getting it wrapped up, and throwing on a helmet so he can get back out in the lineup and pull into some more heaving pits! Yewww!

From paying his dues to getting some sick clips, Mikey's edit will get you frothing for some crystal clear, warm water tubes.

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S U N S E T B E A C H ~ P R O J R

photo: Tony Heff/Freesurf courtesy Surfline.com

Check out photos of the event on Surfline.com here...

The first and only Pro Jr event of the year to be held on the North Shore went down this past week at Sunset Beach presented by North Shore Surf Shop, Rusty, and Da Hui. The crew of young competitors took to the stage with some legit Sunset bombs coming through each heat, making positioning and knowledge a huge factor.

At then end of the day it was San Clemente's Ian Crane who took the men's division win, and Moana Jones taking the win in the girls division. Another standout in the competition was Seth Moniz surfing well past his 15 years of age and gaining enough points to enter the 2013 season as the #1 rated Hawaiian jr.

Thanks to all the contestants, North Shore Surf Shop, Da Hui, and contest director/promoter Liam Mcnamara.

The 2nd annual North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior presented by Rusty and Da Hui officially gets underway today on Oahu's North Shore. The largest pro junior surfing competition in Hawaii’s history will run its first rounds of competition January 17, at Turtle Bay Resort, before moving to Sunset Beach January 18-26.

It will feature more than 100 of the top Under 21 surfers in the nation – male and female – as well as juniors from Europe, Japan and South America. Carrying a 3-Star Mens rating and a 2-Star Womens rating, the event will offer $18,000 in prize money for the competitors who take on Sunset.

Male competitors include defending champ Ezekiel Lau (Oahu), Oahu’s Eala Stewart, Kauai’s Kaimana Jaquias, California’s Coffin brothers, Costa Rica’s Carlos Muñoz, Peru’s Cristobal de Col, Italy’s Leonardo Fioravanti, Japan’s Takumi Yasui, and second generation names like Curren, Beschen, Moniz, McNamara, Sarlo, Aikau and Rothman.

Longtime North Shore pro surfer Liam McNamara is the event organizer and founder, and former ASP world #2 ranked Shane Beschen is the contest director. With solid surf on tap, Hawaii’s fleet of junior surfers are ready to take on the sport’s ultimate proving ground: Oahu’s North Shore and Sunset Beach.

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K E R R ‘ S Pipe Run

Rusty team rider Josh Kerr finished 2nd place behind newly crowned World Champion Joel Parkinson at the Pipeline MastersBillabong Pipeline Masters and capped off the year ranked 8th on the World Tour.

It wasn’t an easy day at the office for Josh as he feared the worst after the Banzai Pipeline spat, hissed and threw him onto the reef in round four. Alarm bells rang for Kerr when he felt pins and needles thru his neck and shoulders and tingling fingers followed by a loss of movement down the left side of his body. Kerr with injury still won the heat and before his next heat being the 1/4 finals he was rushed to hospital for X-rays to see if any serious damage had been done to his neck.

"It was so scary", Kerr said. "It was like my whole left side was paralysed. I had pins and needles, tingles every where, it was insane. They told me I needed to get to hospital immediately and have an X-ray to make sure my neck wasn’t fractured".

Kerr returned to the beach in time for his 1/4 final and progressed to the semi's where he would end Kelly Slaters 12th World Title hopes.

The final could of gone either way but the newly crowned world champion Joel Parkinson was on a roll winning both a world title and the Pipe Masters in one day.

Congratulations Kerrzy on your 2nd place at the Pipeline Masters and your 8th place on the World Tour for 2012.

View Kerrs Pipe day here - vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com

Kerr going Backdoor

Going Backdoor. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerrzy getting worked on

Kerrzy getting worked on. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr - Pipeline

Pipeline. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr pitting. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Congrats Josh! Photo courtesy of the ASP

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Barron Mamiya is a real rad dude. Kid has got stee on land and twice as much at sea. He won the 'Grom's Expression Session' this weekend against @noahbeschen1 @finnstagrom @Makana @ Sunset Beach in the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior  Great job groms! A super high five to Barron for winning!! Here he is blowing single fins out of the back and poking tuck knees in the deep end. Kid loves life. We love him...


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Josh Kerrs pipe quiver, all Rusty "Slayer Models" ranging from 5'10 - 6'8.

Couch Surfing in Hawaii with Hunter

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Hawaiian Diaries Ep3

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Kalani’s Gun Rack

What happens when you win the "Wave of the Winter" competition in the 2010/2011 season? You get a fat stack of Rusty Guns for the 2011/2012 Season. Just ask Kalani Chapman...

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Jamie Wood Go

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