#ourkind Hawaii ep.1

Check out the first episode of the Rusty team in Hawaii this season, featuring Josh Kerr, Jay Davies, Noa Deane & Sam Orozco. Be prepared for a bit everything and nothing.........

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(sold sweetly in fine Aussie tongue)
Noa Deane x Beau Foster

WATCH HERE: http://surfinglife.com.au/hot100/#episode-5

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Noa Deane scores Japan

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#StokesMe 2012: Noa Deane

Noa Deane wants you to help Rusty Surfboards with our fundraising and you could win a trip for two to Hawaii! Rusty is partnering with #StokesMe to raise $$ and awareness for charities like Life Rolls On, Keep A Breast Foundation, and SurfAid.
Donate Here: http://my.stokesme.org/rusty

Watch Here:

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Noa Deane New

A gritty, grimy little session before Noa left to go to the states.

untitled from noa deane on Vimeo.

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US Open Signing

The US Open is just right around the corner. All the boys are in town and ready to throw down some signatures. Walk on over to Jack's or HSS and get autographs by Josh Kerr, Noa Deane, Jay Davies, and Willian Cardoso. Signings: HSS 8/3 @ 2:00PM and Jack's 8/4 @ 12:00PM. Don't miss out.

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The Apple Tree – NOA & WAYNE DEANE

Photo: Matt O'Brien

Interview by Jed Smith

“See those lights, they’re actually Gordon’s old ones,” says Mumma Deane, pointing to the aluminum kitchen lights dangling above us, formerly owned by Billabong founder and multi-multi millionaire, Gordon Merchant. I’m here to interview her husband, Wayne, a legend of Australian surf culture, and her teenage son, Noa, a budding pro in his own right, but first I’m getting the tour as well as a bit of family history.

The Deanes have been around since the birth of the surf industry, counting many of the day’s icons among their friends; Gordon, Rabbit and the Petersons among many more. But the millions never quite made it to them, a fact reflected in their quirky wooden ranch built into the side of a hill in Kirra; it’s verandah and insides scattered with quirky bric-a-brac and surfing paraphernalia.

As a gentle breeze rattles the wind chimes, Noa and I sit on the verandah and wait for Wayne to arrive. He’s been out in the scorching heat helping a mate fix his roof and when he eventually does return, can barely muster the spit to say hello. As he slumps in his chair, Mumma Deane rushes to fetch him a Bavarian Beer mug full of coke, and Noa and I begin the chat.

See the full interview here: http://www.coastalwatch.com/news/article.aspx?articleId=10607&display=0&cateId=3

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Noa Deane New Zealand

This is by far some of the best surfing we have seen by Noa Deane. He is just going to town on the those poor wedges. Showing more then just his air game too, the turn at 1:18 was text book... Watch it for yourself

New Zealand from noa deane on Vimeo.

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If you were to compile a list of pro surfers with the weirdest haircuts, Noa Deane would be the yardstick. Look closely; it resembles the mushroom character from Super Mario Brothers. Rad. Weird. It’s certainly one of the most awesome manes to ever slide inside a Snapper Rocks chamber. When Noa’s not blowing fins at D- Bah you can find him tapping into the left-hand side of his brain getting creative with his 35mm camera, painting & drawing dinosaurs with crooked limbs.

she-nan-i-gan from noa deane on Vimeo.

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A Little Slice of Noa

Bad weather, fun waves, four surfs and an amazing clip in the nuttiest of shells. Take a peek…

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