Go check out the Full Frame story on featuring Rusty team rider Noa Deane launching a giant Backside grab in Duranbah NSW. Noa is a pretty rad kid who's style both in and out of the water speaks for itself.

Check out the full article and write up on Noa on and visit Noa Deane's website here

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Check out the latest featured surfboard model, the Neil from Rusty. This stout performance Shortboard is designed for those average days of surf from knee high to head high.

It has a moderately full template with a wider nose and added volume for the ease of paddling. The Neil’s bottom contour has a deep single concave with a subtle vee of the tail that generates drive and speed quickly. The shallow angular Diamond tail gives the Neil its distinct look.

The Diamond tail shortens the rail length which makes your board feel a little smaller, easier to turn and a whole lot more alive in sloppy average conditions.

Bottom: Deep Single Concave
Tail: Diamond
Fins: Thruster / upgrade to Five-fin is optional

Popular Dimensions:

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raw bacon from Shane Fletcher on Vimeo.

Check out this edit posted on entitled Raw Bacon that Shane Fletcher scooped together featuring Rusty team rider Noa Deane's leftover clips from Hawaii. The vid has some big airs and some big turns set to the backing of Black Flag's I Don't Care, and we promise it will get you amped!

Visit Noa Deane's website here

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Check out the sequence of the week featuring Rusty team rider young Noa Deane hucking a big backside rotator at wedgy D-Bah during the contest. While the world's best surfers were slugging it out to push through their heats just over the hill, Noa decided to see what he could knock out in a 35-minute freesurf at D-Bah.

He ended up landing four of these in that time, each with it's own stylish flare! Check it out here at and enjoy

Photo by: Andrew Shield

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bread from noa deane on Vimeo.

Two days in one state, being the southern-most of Australia, and infinite kilometers, and excellent waves starring Noa Deane. Cut to Dirty Beaches' Golden Desert Sun, by Shane Fletcher. Dislikers of back-to-back spins should find this to be digital splendor.

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#OURKIND ~ Ambassadors

Our athletes & ambassadors are aspirational and inspirational of the surfing lifestyle. They live OUR KIND.

Josh Kerr he of the Kerr-upt flip was christened on a bodyboard but graduated to a surfboard at age eleven and was winning air shows by 16. He has won two Airshow World Titles in 2001 and 2003 and for the last few years has cemented a place on the World Tour. Kerr grew up on the Gold Coast and honed his skills on the long point breaks, surfing all day and partying all night, he now resides in the US with his wife and 2 groms and lives a hop skip jump away from Rusty Presindorfer surfboard factory down San Diego way. Big heart, big smiles how can’t you love him..

Jay Davies is as big as Western Australia (his homeland). He is strong. He is powerful. He is big, tanned, dark.Yet, he surfs like a fleet-footed pixie. He tosses himself to the air, spins, and doesn’t come down. Or when he does, he comes down fins first and tweaked. He has travelled the world based solely on his surf skills and he claims to have no other skills, “I don’t have any other skills,” besides drinking beer. “I like to drink beer but it doesn’t pay.” And he does like to drink beer. He likes to drink beer and party. He once led an entire dance club in a wild and sudden acapella version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (including dance moves). Women swooned.

If you were to compile a list of pro surfers with the weirdest haircuts, Noa Deane would be the yardstick. Look closely; it resembles the mushroom character from Super Mario Brothers. Rad. Weird. It’s certainly one of the most awesome manes to ever slide inside a Snapper Rocks chamber. When Noa’s not blowing fins at D- Bah you can find him tapping into the left-hand side of his brain getting creative with his 35mm camera, painting & drawing dinosaurs with crooked limbs.

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O U R K I N D ~ V I D E O

You are one of "OUR KIND"...

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N O A ~ I N D O

New Clip from Noa Deane from a recent trip to Indonesia. Enjoy :)


Josh Kerr Jay Davies & Noa Deane short sharp OUR KIND of clip from Hawaii.

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#ourkind Episode 2. H A W A I I

Jay Davies Noa Dean & Josh Kerr being OUR KIND in HAWAII

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