The Misfit is a performance/comp board designed to be ridden a little bit shorter that works well in any conditions knee to head high.

The design has a little more area overall relative to the Redline, R1, or Bender with an emphasis on a slightly fuller front end and a wider tail block. The wider squash tail maintains extra area aft and the outline is a little straighter through the fin area, adding drive through turns.

The rocker features a relaxed entry with a fair bit of exit curve that is evenly distributed in the back half.

Bottom is a light single concave.

With the fuller outline and extra area, the board generates plenty of lift. Because of the extra back half centerline curve, there is already plenty of arc in the rail to compliment the drivier outline

A deck that is a little more domed than average and adds some extra volume while allowing the rail line to have a lean, even flow, nose to tail.

All these elements work together to make a board with a bit of skate, launch, and still carves.

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Jake Goes Misfit for Halloween

Jake Halstead is a Misfit on land and in the water. Photos and a video clip from Transworld Surf's Imaginarium to prove it...

Click below to check the video:

Photography: Damea Dorsey
Video: Blake Pettit and Victor Pakpour

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Misfit for Christmas?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's pretty safe to say that a few groms out there might be writing Santa asking for a Misfit under the tree. Click the image to for more information and for sweet video of Jake Halstead on the Misfit model...

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Rusty Talks Surfboards at Sacred Craft

If you have been wondering what surfboard model Jake Halstead has been riding lately, what board Kerr dominated Chopes with, or the inspiration for the Bali Single, tune in to listen to Rusty talk tech about various Rusty Surfboard models of the past and present. Thanks for our friends over at Solspot for the interview...

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Jay Christenson and the Misfit Take to the Podium in WSA Season Opener

Congratulations to Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jay Christenson, for claiming first place in the WSA season opener, held at Trails in San Onofre. Jay edged out over 60 competitors in the 16 and Under division in fun 2-3 foot surf, provided by Hurricane Eugene, on his way to the podium that day. Jay surfed the entire event on his all new Rusty "Misfit" model and it proved to be the contest board he has been looking for...

Jake Halstead Introduces the All New Rusty Surfboards “Misfit” model

Rusty and Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jake Halstead, have been working together over the past six months to come up with a board that complements high performance surfing, is perfect for contests, and works well in any conditions from knee to head high+. The board has a little more area overall (compared to the Redline and other high performance shortboards)- not wider across the center but with the nose being filled out just a tad. The tail template is a bit reminiscent of boards from the mid 80s where there is a little bit of a bump between the fin area and has a full rounded squash. Relaxing the front end while really bending the back. Single concave. Real even flow on the rail line and thickness. Nice clean curves...

The "Misfit" Rusty Surfboards model is now available... get yours today!

Rusty Surfboards Demo Presented by Pride Surf and Skate was a Huge Success

Tons of local surfers and Rusty Surfboards enthusiasts flocked to the shores of Ocean Beach on Saturday morning to attend the Rusty Surfboards Demo presented by Pride Surf and Skate.  Several Rusty tents, along with a FCS tent to try various fins, were set up in front of Avalanche Jetty and, although the waves were not super clean, there were some fun sized corners coming through- making it a great day to demo Rusty Surfboard models in average California surf.  Have a look at some event pics below...

The ultimate quiver







Photos: Brody

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