Jake Halstead Introduces the All New Rusty Surfboards “Misfit” model

Rusty and Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jake Halstead, have been working together over the past six months to come up with a board that complements high performance surfing, is perfect for contests, and works well in any conditions from knee to head high+. The board has a little more area overall (compared to the Redline and other high performance shortboards)- not wider across the center but with the nose being filled out just a tad. The tail template is a bit reminiscent of boards from the mid 80s where there is a little bit of a bump between the fin area and has a full rounded squash. Relaxing the front end while really bending the back. Single concave. Real even flow on the rail line and thickness. Nice clean curves...

The "Misfit" Rusty Surfboards model is now available... get yours today!

Jake Halstead Introduces the Rusty Surfboards “Misfit” Model

Over the past six months Rusty team rider, Jake Halstead, has been working with Rusty on developing a new model designed to compliment his progressive surfing. Jake has been surfing a plethora of contests over the last several years and simultaneously he has become very in tune with his quiver and which boards he prefers for given conditions. After countless hours at the drawing board and numerous surf sessions of research and development, Rusty's expertise and Jake's feedback have turned out the latest addition the Rusty Surfboards line, the "Misfit".

The Misfit evolved from an average shortboard... when Jake hit a growth spurt he graduated to a wider tail block and immediately noticed how the little bit of extra board under his back foot suited his style of surfing. From there a number of variables were played with on the next few R&D boards to arrive at the final version of the Misfit model. The model features a wider tail block than your average shortboard with a touch wider nose as well. There is a slight double concave that starts in front of the fins that leads into a "V" off the tail. The board can be surfed in waves from waist high to overhead, but it really excels in the head high range. According to Jake, "This board is the misfit in your quiver, it falls somewhere between your shortboard and your wide nose shortboard, plus it has a lot of drive and is really skatie off the top."

Keep your eyes on the Rusty blog for the Misfit video coming soon...

photos: Brody

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