Congratulations to Matt Beacham for Winning the Battle of the Banks Contest

The Outerbanks just hosted their infamous "Battle of the Banks" contest and Rusty Surfboards team rider, Matt Beacham, brought home the cake! "I don't know what to do," Beacham humbly laughed, holding his only top trophy ever, a $1500 watch from Oakley -- and the days' highest total, 54.5. "I simply don't know what it means to win a surf contest."

"I booked my ticket when I saw the swell," says Matt Beacham, who almost didn't make it because of an injury and barely being in the water for two weeks. "I didn't even know the contest was gonna go until I was halfway here, but I figured I could always see my family." And plenty of it. In an island filled with first-generation transplants, Beacham's that rarity among rarities: someone whose gene tree runs 100 percent through Outer Banks soil. The irony? He's also one of the few to leave home, turning that purty face into a Fuel TV staple and a San Diego address.

How deep are Matt Beacham's Outer Banks roots? This is the family of Decatur Beacham Jr, circa 1895 from the Currituck County archives. Check the resemblance.

For full coverage of the event check out ESPN.GO.COM

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Rusty Team Keeps Busy During Recent Swell

Matt Beacham takes to the air in San Diego. Photo: Brody

Josh Kerr throws himself over the ledge at Todos Santos. Photo: Dorsey/Transworld

Dooma sneaks a few in Northern Baja. Photo: Dorsey/Transworld

Nate Yeomans hiding out in Orange County Photo: Hennings/Transworld

Matt Beacham Scores the Cover of ESM

Congratulations to Rusty team rider, East Coast stand out, and host of Fuel TV's "New Pollution," Matt Beacham, for taking high honors by claiming the cover of next month's ESM.

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Matt Beacham’s All New Web Page

Photo: AJ Neste

Check out Matt Beacham's all new website where you can keep tabs on his latest shenanigans across the globe. Plus, check some nice photos and entertaining video clips. Enjoy...

Head on over to!

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Matt Beacham Sneak Attack

Matt Beacham is a busy guy.  He spends a better portion of his year on the road with rambunctious teenagers filming for his show "New Pollution" on Fuel TV, but every so often he manages to sneak in a fun session at home.  Here we see Beacham intercepting our most recent West Coast swell...

To check out more images from the recent run of swells have a look at our January Swell Gallery featuring Matt Beacham, Jake Halstead, Jay Christenson, Dustin Fiero, Jonathon Dupont and a handful of other rippers...

All Photos by: Brody





Beacham Shreds West Coast Swell on his Rusty Redline

Rusty Team rider, Matt Beacham, spends nine months a year on the road filming for the Fuel TV show "New Pollution". When Matt comes home to San Diego he is usually in and out: he'll be home for a day or two, sometimes a week if he's lucky, and then he'll have to head off to the next filming destination. Needless to say, it is rare that Matt returns home to San Diego and there is solid swell in the water. Well, this time he got lucky...

Beacham shredding on his Rusty Redline...






Photos: Brody

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Rusty Hossegor Surf Shop with Matt Beacham

If you ever find yourself in Hossegor, France be sure and stop by the Rusty Surf Shop. It's located just off the main street in town and it has some of the best boards on the market as well as the European apparel line. The shop is packed full of goodies and is a must-see on your next European vacation...

To keep tabs on Rusty Europe click here.

Home away from home

Beacham window shopping; they were closed the first day...

But he returned the next day to dabble with a bit European style

Photos: Brody

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New Pollution in Europe with Matt Beacham

Rusty team rider, Matt Beacham, is the host of Fuel TV's "New Pollution" and recently the show brought him to Europe to film for future episodes. The first stop was a town called Anglet in the South of France to meet up with a young up and coming surfer named Ramzi Boukhiam. Ramzi is originally from Morocco, speaks six languages, and is blowing up on the European grom scene. After filming and trading waves with Ramzi for a few days, it was off to Belgium to catch up with skateboarding prodigy, Axel Cruysberghs. This 15 year old has been dominating the European contests and beating skaters that have ten years on him. Recently at the European championships, he won both the street and half pipe divisions! Axel showed Matt around his local skate park and pulled just about every move in the book!

Keep your eyes on Fuel TV to catch some of the best young talent in action sports and more antics with Matt in upcoming episodes of New Pollution...

New Pollution in France...

Hossegor looking fun...

Matt and Ramzi

Tempting peaks...

Matt teaching Ramzi how to do a French Pastry Stretch, "Touch your toes, then pick up a pastry, take a huge bite, reach for the sky..."

Matt looking ready to surf after devouring a full box of pastries for his morning stretch routine...

Photos: Brody

Welcome to the Rusty Team…Matt Beacham!


Matt Beacham spends about ten months out of the year on the road!  He is the host of Fuel TV's "New Pollution", which features the best up and coming youths in action sports and this grueling travel schedule is what it takes to film 13 episodes for a season! After an entire season is said and done, 36 talented kids will be showcased and Beacham will have a few weeks to relax before he goes on a surf trip or two of his own and then he is at it again...

"I reside in North County (San Diego) and surf up there a lot when I am home, but originally I am from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. I have done quite a bit of traveling too... Hawaii, Indo, Peru, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, France, etc., etc. I am taking off for Tavarua for my first time in about a week and I am stoked to have Rusty Surfboards under my feet!"

Photos and Text: Brody