Kerr is Moving on Up

Josh Kerr had another explosive showing at the Nike 6.0 Trestles event with a variety of new school airs and tail wafts, securing his spot in the round of 16.  Come down to Trestles to show your support or tune into the Webcast and root for Kerr online...

Josh Kerr






Nate Yeomans





Photos: Brody

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Yeomans and Kerr Advance at Trestles

Day two of the Nike 6.0 Trestles event displayed a perfect South swell with A-frames coming in consistently throughout the day. Some of the world's best surfers have all gathered for this beloved event and the level of competition is through the roof. Every preliminary heat could have been a final based on the talent level. In the early part of the day we saw Nate Yeomans take the win in his heat and the later part of the day Josh Kerr cut loose to advance through to the next round.

Nate takes the cake...




Kerr takes his progressive new school surfing to the contest arena...




William Cardoso...



Jake Halstead...


Photos: Brody

Kerr and Fahrenfort Blow up at Trestles

Recent addition to the Rusty Team, Damien Fahrenfort, surfed a very impressive heat on Friday, meanwhile down the beach Josh Kerr had a fun warm up surf where he threw some mind-boggling airs, preparing himself for his first heat.  Featured below are a few images of Josh and Damien flaring up...









Jayke Sharpe



Photos: Brody

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Nate Yeomans 6.0 Lowers Pro

Nate Yeomans surfs heat by heat in the 6.0 Lowers Pro held at Lower Trestles

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Nate Yeomans Takes 3rd at the Nike 6.0 Lower Trestles 6 Star Prime

Rusty Team ride Nate Yeomans placed a 3rd this week at the Nike 6.0's 6-Star Prime held down at Lower Trestles. Nate's path of destruction took down high profile WCT surfers such as Dane Reynolds, Travis Logie, Rob Machado and CJ Hobgood. Yeomans collected $5000 in prize money and now is sitting in 5th place on the WQS. We are super pumped on Nate's performance this week and look forward to more of his accomplishments. Yeahhhhh Nate congrats!!!!!!! Yewww!




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Yeomans Upsets Reynolds at the Nike 6.0 Lower Trestles 6-Star Prime

Rusty rider Nate Yeomans started Day 3 of the Nike 6.0 at Lower Trestles strong and finished even stronger, advancing into the final rounds on Saturday. Nate took down Travis Logie and Rob Machado, but he served his biggest upset by taking out ASP World Tour star Dane Reynolds in Round 16. Yeomans has been tearing up WQS events on the U.S. Mainland for years and with Lowers being a 6-Star Prime, the highest weight on the WQS scale, this result will play a significant role in Yeoman's 2009 campaign. Tune in tomorrow for Nate's quarter final heat against CJ Hobgood at 10:50 am.


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Local Surfer Nate Yeomans Leads Top Seed In Round 2


Yesterday in day 2 of the 6.0 Lowers Trestle WQS 6 stars prime, Rusty rider Nate Yeomans of San Clemente put his local knowledge of Lower Trestles to good use when he destroyed a long righthand wall with several beyond-vertical blasts to post the day's highest single wave score of a 9.47 out of 10. The talented goofy-footer continued to dominate his heat when he bashed another impressive score and earned the day's highest heat total of 18.24 out of 20.

"I was actually positioning myself for the left because I saw everyone scrambling for the right and I was able to get underneath them," Yeomans said. "I knew it was going to be a nice right, and I was able to get a couple of good turns and it had a nice wall so I was able to ride it all the way through. I knew it was going to be a good score, so when I heard the 9-point-score, I was like, yeah, I like that!"

The San Clemente native is hoping that he can utilize his familiarity of the cobblestone reef to post a top result at the 6.0 Lowers Pro. Yeomans has had a successful competitive history at previous ASP WQS events at the location in past years and is out to capitalize on the contest's ASP 6-Star PRIME status to help his cause towards qualification for the ASP Dream Tour.

"I've yet to make the Final out here and I had a bad event here last year, but I made the Semifinals the two years before that," Yeomans said. "It's always been a good event for me and now that it's a 6-Star PRIME, it really counts for qualification for the World Tour. It's definitely one of everyone's favorite places to surf, so I'm glad that it's a 6-Star PRIME."

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