Congrats to Rusty team rider Josh Kerr for taking home the runner up position at the Reef Pro in El Salvador this past weekend! Kerrzy was on fire throughout the entire event, laying down some massive turns and airs in each heat to push all the way through to the finals, but in the end it was Brazilian Peterson Crisanto who ended up taking the title.

Kerr has been on a terror lately, racking up an immense amount of points and well placed finishes in both the WCT and other events. The next stop will be in Tahiti for the Billabong pro at Teahupoo taking place August 15-26 2013. Be sure to check out Josh Kerr's profile on here, and root him on as he continues his push on the WCT tour!

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Check out the photo gallery from the Rusty Del Mar Surf Classic event that went down this past weekend at 15th street in Del Mar Ca. Tons of people turned out to watch their local heroes and up and coming surfers slug their way through heats to try and take home the first place spot.

Rusty surfboards was on hand to demo the latest and greatest Rusty shapes, and the crowd on the beach enjoyed some amazing weather and great waves for the entire event. Thanks to Rusty Del Mar for putting on such a great event, and to all the people who made it down to the beach to support their local surf shop and scene!

Click on the image above to visit the photo gallery from the event. Thanks to Steven Thomas Photography for the images and covering the event, visit his website by clicking here.

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Come join us Friday February 2nd in Dana Point for a surfboard demo, team signing, and BBQ! Rusty team rider Josh Kerr will be in the shop signing posters, taking pics, and talking story with all the fans who make it down.

Before the signing and party kicks off at the shop we are giving you a chance to head down to Salt Creek and try out the latest and greatest Rusty shred sleds during our Rusty surfboard demo. Look for the tent and flags down on the beach to come try out a new shape to get your rip on.


12-3 pm @ Salt Creek Beach
Dana Point Ca


4-6 pm @ Killer Dana Surf Shop
24621 Del Prado
Dana Point, CA 92629

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K E R R ~ F I N A L S

Check out Josh Kerr's final day of competition in this years 2012 Pipe Masters, Josh battle his way to 2nd place with some amazing rides and heavy wipe outs. Josh even had a trip to the hospital during the day for an x-ray after a heavy wipe out during his rd 4 heat.

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K E R R ‘ S Pipe Run

Rusty team rider Josh Kerr finished 2nd place behind newly crowned World Champion Joel Parkinson at the Pipeline MastersBillabong Pipeline Masters and capped off the year ranked 8th on the World Tour.

It wasn’t an easy day at the office for Josh as he feared the worst after the Banzai Pipeline spat, hissed and threw him onto the reef in round four. Alarm bells rang for Kerr when he felt pins and needles thru his neck and shoulders and tingling fingers followed by a loss of movement down the left side of his body. Kerr with injury still won the heat and before his next heat being the 1/4 finals he was rushed to hospital for X-rays to see if any serious damage had been done to his neck.

"It was so scary", Kerr said. "It was like my whole left side was paralysed. I had pins and needles, tingles every where, it was insane. They told me I needed to get to hospital immediately and have an X-ray to make sure my neck wasn’t fractured".

Kerr returned to the beach in time for his 1/4 final and progressed to the semi's where he would end Kelly Slaters 12th World Title hopes.

The final could of gone either way but the newly crowned world champion Joel Parkinson was on a roll winning both a world title and the Pipe Masters in one day.

Congratulations Kerrzy on your 2nd place at the Pipeline Masters and your 8th place on the World Tour for 2012.

View Kerrs Pipe day here -

Kerr going Backdoor

Going Backdoor. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerrzy getting worked on

Kerrzy getting worked on. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr - Pipeline

Pipeline. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Kerr pitting. Photo courtesy of the ASP

Congrats Josh! Photo courtesy of the ASP

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Kerr takes Pipe on the head.

Watch HERE

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#stokesme 2012: Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr wants you to help Rusty Surfboards with our fundraising and you could win a trip for two to Hawaii! Rusty is partnering with #StokesMe to raise $$ and awareness for charities like Life Rolls On, Keep A Breast Foundation, and SurfAid.
Donate Here:

Watch the video:

Josh Kerr Center Spread

Josh Kerr has been on a role lately. From making the Semifinal in Rio to getting a 10 page center fold in the latest SURFER magazine. All this work has surly payed off. Now Kerrzy is sitting in the number 3 spot as he goes into the Volcom Fiji Pro. He hopes to better his ranking and in a perfect world win the world title. If you haven't opened the new SURFER mag yet then take some time and look at what you are missing...

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Josh Kerr and Matt Kleiner at it again...Two sunny days around the Gold Coast. enjoy

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Surfing Life On Location: Josh Kerr

From the next issue Surfing Life will be bigger, brighter and brasher than ever before ... SURFING LIFE invited Kerrzy, Wilko, Michel Bourez, Chippa, Lee Wilson, and Shaun Cansdell to their housewarming party on the Mentawais. Surfing Life stole away from Oz, plucked this team from their families, sponsors and responsibilities and posted up in the jungle to create the magazine and movie that they feel best represents modern surfing. Plenty of waves, laughs, quality mate time and quiet exploration of the big issues.

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