Jojo Roper takes High Honors at Puerto: Greatest Wipeouts frequently features the heaviest wipeouts that have been caught on film and this week Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jojo Roper, takes high honors for his heroic wipeout at Puerto Escondido. Click on the image above to see the wave and to hear Jojo talk you through the set that tried to rip him limb from limb...

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Jojo Roper Catches Bombs in Puerto

Rusty Surfboards team rider, Jojo Roper, really stepped off the deep end this time. You have to be pretty nuts to want to chase down waves like the one featured; Jojo proves sometimes a little bit of crazy is a good thing...

Puerto Escondido's local photographer, Edwin Morales, was there (as always) to capture Jojo on this beast of wave. If you have not noticed, Edwin is the man down at Puerto Escondido... if you see a great image of Puerto, it was probably taken by Edwin. To see more of his photography visit

To see more of Jojo and other Puerto Escondido Chargers check out this video clip featured on ESPN:

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