Jamie Wood Go

Jamie Sterling's unique 10'6" Balsa Wood Gun is on rush and en route to the North Shore in hopes of an Eddie swell...

photo: Brody

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Jamie Sterling up for “XXL Ride of the Year”!

Are you freaking kidding me is right! Hellman, Jamie Sterling, casually threads the needle of a massive Cloudbreak cavern, earning him an entry for the "XXL Ride of the Year". Another level of madness...

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Vote for Jamie Sterling on SponsorMe.com

Vote for Jamie Sterling and videographer, Ariel Wilford, in the clip they created of Jamie going off his rocker and they could win $25k! Vote at sponsorme.com.

Frame Grab: Jamie Sterling

Jamie Sterling is at it again... Here is frame grab from Sterls' Go Pro video clip where he is undeniably getting shacked out of his mind.

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Jamie Sterling takes first at the big wave world tour awards

BWWT Award Ceremony 2010/2011

Last saturday the Big Wave World Tour crowned Jamie Sterling from Oahu, Hawaii its second World Champion, receiving $10,000 for his performance. Jamie was a finalist in all of the three BWWT events in 2010/11, winning the billabong Pico Alto event in Peru. As the current Ambassador of the sport, he will be focused on retaining his title as well as representing the Tour in the 2011/2012 season.

The highly motivated Brazilian lifeguard Marcos Monteiro received the Jim Beam Bold Award. Not only did he arrive at all three events without the aid of sponsorship, he was able to amass enough points to finish the year in fifth place. He received a check for $1000 and a complete free dive spearfishing set from Cressi Sub.

The 2011/2012 season is currently underway with the Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos – Chile – in its waiting period from April 1st to May 31st.


Gary Linden, Jamie Sterling, and Rusty

Sterls was presented this all wood tow board by Rusty for his outstanding achievement

Rusty, Micky Munoz, and Ian Cairns

Rusty and Clint Preisendorfer

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Jamie Sterling Wins Big-Wave World Tour

9'8" Rusty Preisendorfer shaped quads were Sterling's go to boards this season. "While I was injured [last season], I spent a whole lot of time watching the world's best surfers surf the world's biggest waves," Sterling explains. "And I think taking notes last year helped. I wanted to charge, but I also wanted to charge with a strategy."

I had been obviously tracking my rating on the tour all year and I was waiting for Maverick's and Todos to happen. That was going to change things as far as the ratings go. Either it'd increase my lead even more or have my lead decrease depending on who won. But these events didn't get to happen this year, due to lack of big swells. So the closing periods ended on the 28th of February and it was like...I won. [Laughs]. So I just kind of waited for the February 28th date. I was hoping that there would be a swell and I could win it with Todos or Maverick's happening. But hey, a win's a win. I'll take it.

To catch the rest of the Surfline interview with more photos and video click here: Surfline Interview

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Tales from the Tube: Jamie Sterling

Check out a few clips of Hawaiian hellman, Jamie Sterling, as he tackles some heavy North Shore tubes on the opening swell of the winter.

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The North Shore Comes to Life

After a summer of lying dormant the North Shore of Oahu finally roared to life! Locals were calling it 10-15' Hawaiian which means it was full on. With Pipe breaking Kalani Chapman, Jamie Sterling, and more than a handful of other chargers from around the globe threw themselves over the ledge on this season opener...

Kalani Chapman. Photo: Bielmann

Kalani Chapman. Photo: Brent

Jamie Sterling. More photos and footage at Transworld.net

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Jamie Sterling Leads the Big Wave World Tour Ratings

After his 3rd Place finish at Nelscott Reef, Oregon and his win at Pico Alto, Peru Jamie Sterling is sitting in first in the Big Wave World Tour.  With two more contests scheduled in this season, Mavericks and Todos Santos, there is bound to be an exciting photo finish.  To check out more from the recent contest please visit the full story at Surfline.com.

Jamie Sterling Ventures Through the Midwest via Sea Plane

I just finished a week long adventure in the Midwest. I was flying all over the Great Lakes doing recon for a Red project called "New Wave". We utilized John Shoffner's Gunmen Albatross Red Bull branded Sea plane. I never knew the Great Lakes had waves. After flying  25.2hrs, and 3528 nautical miles I've come to the conclusion that the mid west has some nice setups for surfing. I've always been curious about the Great Lakes of North America. Some of the setups out on the vast Lakes looked like Tahitian reef passes. No the waves were not tubing like Teahupo'o but the water was crystal clear and the waves were rolling in with uniformity. We didn't expect to get waves on this trip. This first expedition purpose was to only look around and plot GPS coordinates. We did plenty of searching and scored a little out of season swell that I stand up paddled. The locals greeted us with open arms and welcomed us back anytime. The private flights on the Red Bull Albatross were mind blowing. Talk about a high end adventure. VIP….Thank you RED BULL!

I'll be coming back to the Great Lakes in the middle of winter on the next big Northeastern storm. Yes parts of the lake will be frozen and I'll be bundled up in snow gear. Why, because I live for the adventure and the water is fresh.

P.S. Water landing's rule! Its so smooth to land on a silky lake…John Shoffner thanks for flying the plane and making it a smooth flight!


Jamie Sterling

Amazing Photography by: Brian Nevins