Indo Overflow 2009 with Jamie O’Brien


Jamie O'Brien and the best local surfers show us how Indonesia really works. Click here to watch the video on

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Jamie O’Brien in Indo


Jamie locks into a few epic waves and talks about the Rip Curl Padang Padang Invitational. Click the image above to have a look on

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Jamie O’Brien Wins Rip Curl Padang Padang Invitational!

Click on the photo for the full feature...

The idea was simple: gather the best tuberiders in the world at the best barrel in Bali. And as Padang Padang pumped out perfect, smoking six-foot tubes the Rip Curl Cup Invitational delivered as advertised.

Jamie O'Brien took home the win in what will go down as one of the most spectacular displays of high-stakes tuberiding in Padang history. O'Brien battled through a field of 16 of Indonesia's best surfers and 16 of the world's top tube riders to meet legendary Balinese surfer and two-time Rip Curl Cup champion Made "Bol" Adi Putra in the final.
"This is right up there with my Pipe Masters and Teahupoo trials wins," O'Brien said after being escorted from the beach to the winner's podium on the shoulders of his friends and soaked with champagne. "I got so barreled today."

"It was as good as it gets today," said two-time champ Adi Putra after the final. "This is the first time I surfed Padang this year. I wish it was always like this."

Jamie O flew into Bali on Monday for the contest after a month and a half without surfing. The Rip Curl Cup is one of the only contests he's doing this year, aside from the Pipe Masters. Most people wouldn't think of surfing big Padang after going a month and a half without a wave, let alone in a contest in front of hundreds of people.

O'Brien scored an unheard of four perfect 10s during the event, including two in the same heat during Round 2 for a flawless total heat score. He earned $2,000 for the win, but the prize money was secondary to the countless memorable barrels he made during his five rounds of competition. He plans to donate all his prize money to a local Balinese charity.

"Everyone is a winner today," said contest director Pete Matthews. "It was a true tuberiding event."

Click Here for the full Surfline feature and more photos.

Click Here for Rip Curl's Official Padang Padang Invitational Site with even more photos and video!

Final Results

1st - Jamie O'Brien
2nd - Made "Bol" Adi Putra
T-3rd Ryan Turner
T-3rd Laurie Towner

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Jamie O’Brien Charges the Wedge

It is no secret that the West Coast has been pummeled with swell the last few days and many infamous waves that lie dormant waiting for strong Souths came to life. Rusty's very own Jamie O'Brien is no stranger to danger and did not hesitate to put himself in the line of fire.  Featured below are a few timeless images, captured by Steindler, of JOB going for broke at the Wedge, SoCal's most punishing wave...



J.O.B., Nate, and Spencer Draw a Crowd at the US Open

Photo: Brody

People congregated in the masses to Huntington Beach over the weekend for the annual U.S. Open of Surfing and they were not disappointed... Picture perfect weather accompanied by a strong South swell created quite the arena for a weekend of competition, leisure, and SoCal socializing!  In years past, Huntington Beach has been a bit of a disappointing location for a contest of this caliber; however, this year beach-goers were pleasantly surprised with the overhead surf that grazed the pier for the duration of the event.  Our very own, Nate Yeomans, was holding it down in the competition on behalf of Rusty, not to mention, Jamie O'brien and Spencer Reagan were in attendance to show their support.

We claimed our spot on the Huntington Strip in front of Jack's and Huntington Surf and Sport for an afternoon of autograph signing and free swag. The Rusty crew was giving out free hats (hand made by our own Dirt and Downes), stickers, pins, and DVDs while JOB, Nate, and Spencer chatted it up and took photos with a line of fans that rounded the block...







Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing your enthusiasm!

Click Here for all the photos from the US Open!

Text: Brody

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Motorbike Madness with Jamie O’Brien


Whether it's nutso tubes at Pipeline, tail-free turns at Keramas, or curbs in Kuta Jamie O'Brien gets reckless...Click here to check out a slide show featured on!

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Rusty Team Boosting in Bali


The high-flying Rusty surf team decided to skip the magic milkshakes and instead uses it's collective batch of shred sleds to blast off in Bali. Check out this awesome slide show Featuring Jamie O'Brien, Jay Davies, Josh Kerr, Jayke Sharp, Willian Cardoso, and Bali's own Marlon Gerber with photography by Bosko. Thanks to our friends at Transworld Surf for the Slide Show!

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Trick Tips w/ Jamie O’Brien: Rodeo Flips

Jamie shows viewers how to bust a rodeo flip, click here!

Changes Podcast!

Rusty presents Changes, a surf movie that reflects on the environmental changes of our world. The world is changing and we must pay attention. Follow Josh Kerr, Jamie O'Brien and the Rusty team all over the world doing their piece to make this world a better place. Rusty gives the forks to Global Warming, its all about Global Cooling, get on it.

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Lucky Fan Surfs Pipe with JOB!

Red Bull First Person winner and Florida State college student, Dustin Schumacher, traveled to the North Shore of Hawaii to surf with pro surfer Jamie O'Brien. They did some wakeboarding in the shorebreak and Jamie threw a mean back flip. Later in the adventure their boat was flipped by a wave mid shoot, which required a rescue from the coast guard. Despite some troubles, Jamie took Dustin surfing in his backyard, Pipeline. Enjoy...

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