Jake Halstead and Friends AttacK Bali

picture-8Photo: Wolcott

Jake Halstead and a crew of elite groms tare Bali to shreds from Canngu to Karamas!  Check out the full feature, where Jake narrates the photo captions, on Surfline.com by clicking here or on the photo above...

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Congrats to the Rusty Groms for Making it to Nationals!

img_1605Jake Halstead

NSSA Nationals is a great time to be a grom...

What better way to amp up for a heat than a little Black Sabbath on Guitar Hero?  What better way to rejuvenate after an exhausting paddle battle than an extra large shaved ice and fresh BBQ fish tacos?  What beats a post heat massage?

The Rusty Groms got to enjoy the V.I.P. treatment.  Jake Halstead, Keto Burns, Tayler Brothers, Mikey Ciarmella, Corey Howell, and Ian Garcia climbed the ranks of the NSSA to earn a spot in the coveted Nationals competition for a chance to duke it out with the next crop of (soon to be) World Title contenders...

img_1253Tayler Brothers

Photos: Brody

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Jake Halstead Chats Boards at the Factory


Jake stopped by the factory to show off a few of his favorite boards and to let us know how his surfing conquests are coming along...His favorite board is a 5'-7.5" Rusty Redline EPS squash tail and it seems to working great for him because he just recently claimed the first place title in the NSSA Explorer Boys Southwestern Conference!

The Magic Stick

Rusty and Jake

"I guess I am fortunate to live 15 minuets away from the Rusty surfboard factory...even though I only visit a couple times a month, it is always fun to see what's new. All the guys are super chill and there is most likely something new on the endless racks of surfboards to check out. Rusty is usually there to talk over my boards (if he isn't in Fiji which is like every other week) This week I picked up two new boards, basically very similar in size (5'-7.5" & 5'-8") but a lot different in other ways. Both are EPS foam which I like because of the sensitivity and lightness. Ok...now I am off the Lowers to test drive these things!” - Jake

Talking Tech

Go-to Shred Sticks

"Thanks to Rusty for all the support and for making the best boards around!"
-Jake Halstead

Photos: Brody

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Super Grom: Jake Halstead


Jake is currently featured on Surfline.com's "Minor Threat" section. Click here to have a look...

Photo: Brody

Video: Brian Mulvihill

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Jake Halstead and Rick Takahashi Continue to dominate the NSSA!

In the most recent NSSA Southwestern Conference Contest, held at pumping Ocean Beach pier, San Diego, Jake Halstead took 1st Place in the Explorer Boys Division. Rick Takahashi, once again, took 1st in the Seniors Division as well as the Masters Division. Both the amping rookie and the unstoppable veteran seem to be on a clear path to victory...


Click here to see the full contest results from the NSSA!

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Pro-Files: Jake Halstead


Although Jake Halstead is only 14 years old, he carries himself like he is a decade older. Over the past few swells I have lined up with Jake to shoot some water photography and he has already exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I first caught wind of Jake's presence as one of the best up and coming local (San Diego) groms when a good friend and reputable source introduced me to his father and demanded, "You have to shoot his Kid, he just made the USA Team and is going to BLOW UP!" Shortly there after, I found myself, camera and waterhousing in hand, carefully navigating the cobblestones that litter the shoreline at Trestles while following Jake and a pack of groms into the line up. As I was kicking out into position I was expecting nothing more than a 14 year old that surfed good for a 14 year old. I was mistaken. Almost immediately, Jake finagled a set wave and opted for the long rippable right. A few quick blasts off the top and he was off, racing down the line for the critical section. He left no safety cushion for error as he busted a calculated lay-back tailslide over my head (literally) and stuck the progressive maneuver flawlessly. After seeing him surf just one wave I could tell that he was not just ripping for a 14 year old, he was ripping for any age...


I caught up with Jake for a few minutes as we were checking the waves on the last swell and here is what he shared:

How long have you been riding Rusty Surfboards? Almost a year now, the boards work really good!

Sponsors: Hurley, Nixon, Da Kine, DC Shoes, GFH Skateboards, and of course Rusty Surfboards.

School: I grew up in La Jolla, but go to a charter school in Pacific Beach which gives me more time to surf.

Age: 14 years old

Favorite Waves: Big Rock, Wind'n'Sea, Simmons, and Shores when it gets good

Travels: North Shore

Future Travels: Hopefully Indo and back to North Shore this Winter. How's this one!? (Jake gets distracted by a set rolling in)

Favorite Surfers: Taj, Andy, Bruce, and Machado for style

Favorite Local Surfers: Ian Rotgans and Derek Dunfee. They surf really good and charge!

Future Plans: Go to Ecuador with the USA Team and do some of the Pro Juniors in Indo.

Vision: It would be cool to make the WCT. That would be fun!

Contests: I am surfing a lot of the NSSAs and the WSAs. I won the last NSSA contest at D Street in the Explorer Boys Division (Jake admits modestly).I like contests...they're fun, I get to see my friends and it's really exciting when you do good and get super amped. Look at this set! (Jake returns his attention to the ocean)

After shooting with Jake a few times and getting to know him a bit, it is obvious that he is well beyond his years. If Jake is blowing minds left and right at just 14 years young, just imagine his surfing ten years from now!

Text, Photos, and Interview: Brody

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Media Drip: Rusty Riders Going for the Sweep!

Rick Takahashi and Jake Halstead are looking to sweep the NSSA season this year! The two Rusty team riders have won both events of the season thus far, not to mention Rick has won both in two separate divisions:

A building combo of Northwest and Southwest swells provided consistent 4-6 foot surf with bigger close out sets. With a lot of water pushing from the multiple swell energy, wave conditions at the D Street sandbar were moderately walled but there were many steep corners for the competitors to maximize their scoring potential.

Jake Halstead (La Jolla) took command of the Boys division for the second straight event. Halstead's explosive moves were rewarded with wins in every heat en route to his second win of the season. Also worth noting is Halstead's perfect heat win percentage as he has not lost a heat in Explorer Boys competition thus far. Rick Takahashi (San Diego) got the broom out again pulling off his second consecutive two division sweep in the Masters and Seniors.

Story Compliments of: NSSA

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