Rusty Surfboards in Transworld Surf’s Imaginarium Contest

We teamed up with the band Le Blorr for our musical inspiration and decided to embark on a serene little collaboration of their music video Seven Sister and our dudes getting super steezy on their single fins down in Costa Rica. The boys didn’t just get groovy and cruisey on the one, though, they went absolutely nuclear on them. Our team pushed the boundaries of alternative board riding and took one fin where it has never before seemed possible. Fully rotated airs, inverts, blowing the back out of the lip, getting deeper in the tube, and just slashing harder than GnR on these things.

You’re going to fall in love…our movement is unique, as what’s old is now new again. However, our old is newer. The Single Life is about to take over your body and your soul.

Click below to watch The Single Life: Pura Vida and other Imaginarium entries...

The Single Life: Pura Vida
Directed By: Steve Reilly
Photographed By: Seth Stafford
Surfers: Josh Kerr, Damien Fahrenfort, and Nate Yeomans

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